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“I love you!” What a cute and sweet expression! as it is a saccharine mash-up that words, it only deserves responses that are nothing brief of cuteness and also sweetness. Fortunately, the possibilities because that lovely replies are endless!

There’s no need for you to squeeze your brain for quick answers anymore. You only should trust your heart and let it do the talking. Or perhaps, you can put your trust on this list.

This perform holds over a hundreds cute and sweet responses come the expression ‘I love you.” you are complimentary to usage them top top their very own or as bases for fresh replies. Whichever the case, love will definitely rain top top the world. Go out there and spread the love!


I love you more.Thank you. Ns am really fond of you.Hearing you speak that renders me so happy.Did you recognize that you make the people a much better place?No, ns love you!You’re the only human being who makes me smile constantly.You’re for this reason wonderful that you made me forget my answer to your “I love you.”I’m so happy to have you in my life.I’m for this reason happy the we have actually so lot time come be v one another.You embody everything that ns am looking for.I love you, and I can not live there is no you in this world.I feel the same way, and also I will certainly do everything just come prove it to you.Your native are choose candies: All really sweet!I love you till infinity.I’m yours, forever.You do my soul sing in glee whenever girlfriend utter those words.I love you more and an ext each day.I would perform anything and also everything as long as I’m through you.You are the best thing that ever happened to me.I can’t say it enough—I love you more than something else!I will certainly talk come you all night long and also make you feel special.I was just thinking the same about muffins.I can’t wait to invest the remainder of our lives together.Everything about you transforms me on.I love girlfriend the many in this entire universe.I don’t also want come think about what life would be favor without you.I’ll give you a kiss. If friend don’t favor it, you deserve to return it.Can friend say the again? ns didn’t hear girlfriend the an initial time.You have to be a smooth-talking thief. You just stole my heart v those words you just uttered.I’m crazy about you.I’m conserving you half of my chocolate just to show you just how much ns really love you.I love girlfriend more!You make me burn with desire.You constantly make me want to hug friend tight.

Every time you speak to me, I autumn in love through you an ext and more.You finish me.Who, me? This crazy, contempt neurotic me? Well, you have a weird choice.Our forever is walking to it is in spectacular.I to be unfathomably, unconditionally, and unequivocally in love v you!You’re the sunshine of my existence.You space my end and my beginning.I can’t think how tough I’ve fallen for you.Roses space red. Violets are blue. Street is sweet. And so space you.I love friend a little an ext than i did a minute ago!You finish me.My love calls the end for you.Every moment that ns look at you, ns feel love and also inspiration.It need to be fate’s work that we’re together right now.You space my destiny.Know that as soon as you’re cold, you have the right to use me together a blanket.God, i didn't intend that!Every time I view you, you leaving me breathless.Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite.Sometimes, i feel like my heart would burst with joy when you speak those three words.There’s no need for words. Her smile claims it all.I can’t believe how perfectly we were produced each other.If I might say exactly how much i love friend in mere words, the indigenous in the dictionary won’t it is in enough.I used to think I necessary the whole human being to love me, but it turns out I just needed one human to love me, and also that’s you.Awww, you’re therefore cute!Those are however words. Currently it’s time because that action.If we could categorize people, you’d be the finest kind.I can’t wait until I watch you again in my dreams tonight!Sometimes, ns can’t prevent looking at you since you look as well damn good.You are perfect to me.I will choose you end pizza every work of mine life.I love you too, three, four, five, six…up to infinity.And you space my one and only sweetheart!

It way so much that you're opening approximately me prefer this. Thank you, and I love you together well.I can't imagine life there is no you by mine side.You have actually no idea exactly how much you have actually made me so happy.I will lug you presents every day.You do me want to chef breakfast, lunch, and also dinner because that you.I want you come be roughly me always.I think this is the beginning of a beautiful romance.If i were to spell out my favorite point in the world, it’d it is in spelled ’Y-O-U’!I'm for this reason happy friend told me.Awww! i love friend too!I’m no a hoarder, but I desire to save you forever.I cherish you over anything else in mine life.I feeling such an effective adoration because that you and also only you.You room the sunshine of my days and the moonlight of mine nights.Ah, those room the words ns love come hear from friend the most.I feel so happy to be with someone choose you.You’re my dream come true.You space my treasure—the most precious thing in my life.My love melts every time ns hear those words native you.You’re mine baby, and also you understand that.Those three magic words never fail to make my day.I've grown fond of friend too.Oh, that is for this reason cute. Ns love it when you say cute things like that.Everything you carry out in mine life to add to my happiness, subtracts from my sadness, and also multiplies mine joy!I will never ever love one more person through as much intensity together I love you.If this was every a dream, I'd choose not to wake up up.I like the method your lips move whenever you say that.For you, ns will risk it all.How did you end up being the utterly amazing human that you space now?I will catch the stars in the sky simply to provide them come you.My heart’s piece wouldn’t be finish without you.I’d favor to record your voice speak those words for this reason I can listen come them again and again.Every time you speak those words, it feels choose I’m in heaven.You space the entirety galaxy to me.I can’t think straight, even for a second, when you’re not through me.I’ve constantly thought pleasure started v ‘H.’ I now realize that it actually starts through ‘U.’Just say the words, and I will certainly be your partner-in-crime because that life.Always remember that my love because that you is sweeter than sugar.I think you're pretty awesome too.Say the again! It’s turning me on.
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Sammy on September 06, 2020:

These space weapons your will of using it identify a optimistic or negative effect.

You made mine day through these melodious sweet words top top June 06, 2020:

You made mine day through these melodious sweet words

Bgirl72 on might 27, 2020:

Whats up

Nnama Goodness ~ above April 25, 2020:

Am muvh happy sith every these impressive words,they every really obtained my minds and heart

Gailann Laidlow Armstrong ~ above October 24, 2019:

this good information

Ben Dover on September 17, 2019:


This assisted me get confidence whne talk to women,

I introduce this therefore much,


Urmilla on might 06, 2019:

This is cute, and also heart melting text. Many thanks alot.

Devkumar singh ~ above April 18, 2019:

This is for this reason beautiful and also awesome and also i wish everybody have the right to feel it......

Essey top top February 14, 2019:

These lists space really awesome and also cute..i wish there were more....

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waflay from NAIROBI top top September 27, 2018:

I love it as soon as someone writes about love and how to make the civilization a better place. Her list gonna do a very big difference in stays of numerous of us. Save it bubbling warm until that melts the mind of the love ones.