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Zed1271 from Jacksonville,flI roadied a festival they were on the invoice at one time earlier in the 90" show.George indigenous Vancouver, CanadaDoze ears, doe!Dan from Middleboro, MaThe music video was filmed in the summer of 1999 in ~ various areas in Paris including Place de l"Estrapade, path de Saxe, and also Champ de Mars. Dan native Middleboro, roof wonder what the world that showed up in the music video are thinking when they check out it today!Caitlyn native Royersford, Pai remeber seeing several of the bnd members(jimmy pop and also evil jared) a few times on viva la bam. Just like in their songs they"re hilarious in genuine life too. Jimmy pop had actually me crying i was laughing therefore hard!Stuart from Liverpool, united KingdomY"know, i didn"t find out until newly what the title of this tune was.At first, I thought it was just an additional piece of sex-related innuendo, however reading what the title actuallymeant, above, the totality song all of a sudden just seems a little sinister.........Perhaps it"s just me.Janey native Mw, BelgiumI love this song! ns love the soundeffects too, though dirty, the track is an extremely poeticDekkun native Anonymous-ville, HiI"ve been taking AP Brit Lit because July, and our teacher has actually been having actually us dissect creating to pick out the metaphors and such.When ns heard this song, I assumed it was genius! I never ever knew there to be so many innuendos possible. They have actually proven me wrong!Austin from Seminole, FlThis track reminds me of big balls through AC DC! ns love this tune though and im only 12Roger indigenous Waterford, MiIt"s kinda funny that this tune in top top here. Think it"s pretty apparent what this track is about. Most Bloodhound corridor songs are about this.Devon native Bethlehem, Nmwow daniel i hate you just leave it at thatShelby from lengthy Island, NyHa, you can constantly count on The Bloodhound corridor for a great laugh.see more comments
Blinded through The LightBruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen created "Blinded through The Light," which to be a #1 hit because that Manfred Mann"s earth Band. The "Madman Drummers" line is a reference to Springsteen"s very first E-Street drummer, Vinnie "Mad dog" Lopez.

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offer It AwayRed warm Chili Peppers

If what girlfriend get amounts to what you provide away, you might as well give it all away. That"s the concept behind "Give the Away" through Red hot Chili Peppers.

HeroinThe Velvet underground

When the Velvet Underground track "Heroin" obtained screechy, Maureen Tucker stopped drumming, figuring it would bust the take, however her bandmates retained going. You can hear it at the 5:20 mark.

wherein Everybody Knows her NameGary Portnoy

The TV present Cheers was practically canceled after its very first season, however the theme song, "Where everybody Knows her Name," was really popular. To meet viewer demand, the theme was made into a full song and also released as a single.

I battled The LawThe Bobby Fuller 4

"I combated The Law" was a hit for The Bobby Fuller 4 in 1965. The Clash exit their variation in 1979, changing the text "I left mine baby" come "I killed my baby."

that LadyThe Isley brother

The Isley Brothers" "That Lady" was sampled by Kendrick Lamar for his 2014 solitary "I." Lamar turn up in ~ Ronald Isley"s home to personally ask permission come borrow native the song.

Corey HartSongwriter Interviews

The Canadian superstar talks around his sudden rise to fame, and also tells the story behind his access time "Sunglasses at Night," "Boy In The Box" and "Never Surrender."

Actors through Hit SongsMusic Quiz

Many actors have actually attempted music, yet only a few have managed a hit. Perform you know which of this thespians charted?

Kip WingerSongwriter Interviews

The Winger frontman discover the Led Zeppelin tune he cribbed for "Seventeen," and also explains just how his enthusiasm for orchestra music educates his songwriting.

waiting For The break of Day: Three classic Songs about All-NightersSong creating

These Three well known songs actually describe how they were composed - late right into the evening.

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90210 come Buffy to Glee: exactly how Songs transformed TVSong composing

Shows choose Dawson"s Creek, Grey"s Anatomy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer adjusted the method songs were heard on TV, and produced some hits in the process.

background Of RockSong composing

An interview with Dr. John Covach, music professor in ~ the university of Rochester whose cost-free online process have come to be wildly popular.