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I"ve been averaging 40-42. Is this bad or decent because that my bike.BTW the bike is all stock and has 5500 mile on it. I ride rather conservative i suppose.
"06 1100 tradition that i commute v (7000+ miles critical year) and I virtually always get 45 MPG cruising at 65-70 MPH. Have a friend through an "05 1100 standard that never ever goes end 60 and he gets 50 MPG.
I have actually an 06 V-Star 1100 Silverado and usually average about 41 MPG. I have a 126 mile roundtrip commute everyday and most of the is interstate. The being said, I"m normally running 75-80 mph. If I have the right to keep it roughly 70 mph ns get around 45 MPG. I took a chill expedition this weekend averaging about 55 mph and got 51 MPG.

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