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Have had the valves adjusted in the past by the shop. I am now tackling that myself. I gained the covers turn off the intakes and also exhaust. On height dead center, need to the piston be up in the direction of the optimal of the head? ( i can inspect with a straw ). Additionally do you leaving it at TDC and readjust the 2 intakes climate the exhausts without moving the piston? one more question. Looks come be difficult to acquire a feeler gauge in the exhaust. Perform you need to bend/flex castle or to buy a feeler gauge v a 90 level bend? do you placed in the feeler gauge, then tighten under the nut v the gauge in and then remove after tightening? ANy assist woiuld be lot appreciated. Don"t desire to chaos up my first try.
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right from the service manual ... No pics thoughADJ ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE ENGINE ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE NOTE: . The valve clearance must be changed when the engine is cool to the touch. . Adjust the valve clearance when the piston is at the peak Dead facility (T.D.C.) ~ above the compression stroke. 1.Remove: . Seat . Front carrier . Prior fender . Fuel tank . Engine side cover describe “SEAT, CARRIERS, FENDERS and FUEL TANK”. 2.Remove: . Tappet covering (intake) 1 . Tappet consist of (exhaust) 2 3.Disconnect: . Spark plug lid 3 4.Remove: . Spark plug 5.Remove: . Recoil starter 13 - 14 CHK ADJ ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE 6.Remove: . Timing plug 1 7.Check: . Valve clearance out of specification . Adjust. Valve clearance (cold): Intake: 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm (0.0039 ~ 0.0059 in) Exhaust: 0.15 ~ 0.20 mm (0.0059 ~ 0.0079 in) ***************************************************** checking steps: .Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise through a wrench. .Align the “I” note 1 on the rotor through the stationary pointer 2 ~ above the crankcase cover. Once the “I” mark is aligned v the stationary pointer, the piston is at the top Dead facility (T.D.C.). NOTE: . When the piston is at the peak Dead facility (T.D.C.) on the compression stroke, there should be clearance in between the valve stem tips and also their particular rocker eight adjusting screws. . If over there is no clearance, revolve the crankshaft counterclockwise one turn. .Measure the valve clearance making use of a feeler gauge 3. *****************************************************3 - 15 CHK ADJ ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE 8.Adjust: . Valve clearance ***************************************************** adjustment steps: .Loosen the locknut 1. .Insert a feeler gauge 2 between the adjuster end and also the valve end. .Turn the adjuster 3 clockwise or counterclockwise with the tappet adjusting device 4 until the ideal clearance is obtained. .Hold the adjuster to stop it from moving and then tighten the locknut. .Measure the valve clearance. .If the clearance is incorrect, repeat the over steps till the proper clearance is obtained. ***************************************************** Tappet adjusting tool: P/N. YM-08035, 90890-01311 T R . . Locknut: 14 Nm (1.4 m • kg, 10 ft • lb) 9.Install: . All removed parts NOTE: Install all removed parts in the reverse order of your disassembly. Note the adhering to points. 10.Install: . Recoil starter . Spark plug . Tappet consists (exhaust) . Tappet sheathe (intake) LT TR. . 14 Nm (1.4 m • kg, 10.1 ft • lb) T R.. 18 Nm (1.8 m • kg, 13 ft • lb) TR. . 12 Nm (1.2 m • kg, 8.7 ft • lb) TR. . 10 Nm (1.0 m • kg, 7.2 ft • lb)3 - 16 CHK ADJ ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE/ADJUSTING THE time CHAIN/ ADJUSTING THE IDLING rate 11.Install: . Engine side cover . Fuel tank . Prior fender . Front carrier . Seat

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