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I"ve to be looking to try playing 12 string because that a tiny while now. I experienced an ad in my neighborhood Kijiji for a Yamaha FG-512 that comes v a Dean Markley Promag plus pickup with cable. Due to the fact that this won"t be my key guitar, ns don"t desire to salary too much for a provided 12-string. Seller"s questioning $350.Any opinions on this guitar, or advice on attempting to find out on a 12 string?Cheers,Al
you mean learn to pat on a 12 string? man...barr chords are gonne be a killer. Though ns love the sound of 12 strings not sure I`d recommend learning to pat on one. If ns knew then what I know now I`d have actually started on a smaller ns play mine old Yamaha Dynamics practically exclusively and also love em to bits.
12 Strings are not guitars.

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12 Strings room not guitars. They room 12-string guitars. Ingredient you beat on a 6-string doesn"t occupational if you just shot to play it on a 12-string and also vice versa. Try to emulate Kotke"s 12 string work-related on a 6-string. That doesn"t work the exact same way. Very same with a 6-string Banjo. There are thousands the 12 cable guitars and also 6-string Banjos sit idle in individuals closets due to the fact that they don"t gain it. "Course, this is just my opinion. "Everyone has a best to an opinion and also you have actually a ideal to mine!"

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