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Ya"ll betta no fight in this bitch.Ya"ll betta not fight in this bitch, reason I plan on stayin" every night in this bitch Ask Louisianna, ask Mississipi,Ask tiny rock nothin can f*ck through me.Real speak you can even ask 50.Betta however you have the right to ask p.diddy.Baltimore my city, I set it off.Hear me walkin I"m the branch nigga, lock lovin" a nigga.I"m duvall finest, I"m laced v diamonds.Been increase in st. Louis every they execute is bang Boosie.? in phibìc carolina ? hundid thousands on mine wrist bitch, both arms.Louisiana ain"t also gotta talk, (fa what?) in every town I"m the muthafuckin boss.Savannah Georgia I"m greater than anybody, remainder in tranquility camoflauge nigga I gained it,Got a style that just can"t it is in faded, gotta little drive poor bitches craze.We in that thing d-bo, hotta than a heado, walk a wrong method & getcha stung prefer a mosquito.Young nino, money like a casino, boss name in my city, think I"m al pacino.Chea v the fightin tonight gettin ya chills on.We tryna party every night we ain"t goin home.Trill fam yes you know exactly how we rock every city us hit we gained the city on lock.All or nothin yeah that"s just just how we comin.Tell ya young to stand down we come in a totality hundid.You deserve to buck, you deserve to dance, you deserve to wyle out.Get outta line & us gon make ya record out.Whatchu typical bruh? Awh mane bruh.I"m in this thang and that"s the just thing I come fa. Mugged up, I obtained my civilization with me.The whole trill fam, and also we don"t provide a damn.Bout what lock talkin bout. Spillin liquor placed us out.Put one of em out, I"ll punch em in the mouth.Full of drugs, feelin good.I challenge ya fa ta look in ~ me.

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F*ck v me, what nigga?Knock ya out & then kick ya apart, stomp the shit up outta bitch & take the shit to the car.Put that device up ~ above ya homie best in former of ya boy.Murda, an initial degree, I"m ready ta catch me a charge. Whaaat!Ya"ll betta no fight in this bitch.Ya"ll betta not fight in this bitch, cause I arrangement on stayin" all night in this bitch Don"t acquire to fightin my niggas could get to shootin.I gained fifty niggas with me, 49 of em bootin.I"m on all kinda drugs i don"t understand which way ta go.Left mine mind at the house,Left my cigar in ~ the store,Left mine weed in tha car,Left my henny at the bar,Left mine rubber top top yo bed,Left yo mrs in the dark.Tell tha dj operation it back, yeah we on the hundid pack.Got somebody babymama kissin whereby my stomach at.Betta cool yo lil nachos, actin like you macho.Hitcha with that forty knock the meat up the end ya taco.I don"t even drank however got this huge goose bottle.You deserve to keep the ratchets reason I"m leavin" with a model!

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