Slope intercept type is y=mx+b, whereby x and also y exchange mail to the coordinates on the name: coordinates plane, m is the slope, and also b is the y-intercept.

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from this we have identified the y-intercept (0,-9). The x-coordinate that the y-intercept is always 0 due to the fact that it is where it intersects the y-axis (x=0).
So the very first point friend graph is (0,-9). You require two point out to attract a line so you require a second point. This is whereby the slope is useful. Therefore the slope is 3, which means you go up three for every 1 you go over in the x direction. Because it is hopeful you walk up three and one to the right (if that was an unfavorable you would go up and also to the left, or down and to the right).
So increase 3 and also 1 to the best gets united state (1, -6) together our second point. At this point you can use a straightedge to affix these points and continue in both directions and you have your line. If you prefer to draw much more points first, girlfriend can continue with the slope up 3, right 1. (2, -3) (3, 0) (4, 3) Etc.
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determine if the lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither because that -y=3x-2 and -6x+2y=6

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just how to compose an equation because that the heat in point-slope kind and then re-write in slope-intercept form.

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(2,-2) slope=2 exactly how to placed it in steep intercept form

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compose the slope-intercept equation for the line that passes through (-14, -3) and is perpendicular to -7x – 4y = -4

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how have the right to you write y-3=2(x-1) in slope-intercept form?

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