At the BCP service Center, we sell tips on exactly how to stay on the right side the the law. But we additionally do our best to spread the word around the recent frauds targeting businesses — and this one’s a item of work. If your company accepts check or online payments, you’ll want to it is in on the look-out for a cheat that might leave you v a ridge of unsecured paper.

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Here’s those happening: In exchange for a fee and also some personal information, fraudsters room giving world “instructions” on just how to use bank account and also routing numbers the don’t belong come them to pay their bills online, or print checks therefore they deserve to make payment in human being or by mail. In one scheme, scammers space using a sport on the “free money indigenous the government” fraud. Lock tell civilization to usage the routing number of the federal Reserve bank of Atlanta — 0610-0014-6 — to make checks and also electronic payments through the automatically Clearinghouse (ACH) Network. (No, we’re not offering a how-to here. The number is no longer valid.)

If you get an ACH payment, check, cashier’s check, or certified check with that routing number, look right into it. Checks v that number aren’t precious payment instruments. If you take it one, you operation the hazard of not gaining paid. So what must you do? Don’t accept the examine — and notify the authorities immediately: your state attorney General, the regional office that the FBI, and also your bank.

What else can you perform to defend your company from fake examine rip-offs? Train your employee to watch for warning indications that a file check could be counterfeit, like:

no perforated sheet on one side of the paper;the lack of defense features, like a watermark;a routing number v fewer 보다 nine digits;a bank address on the check that doesn’t match its genuine address; ora flimsy emotion to the paper.

Read vendors Beware: new "Free Money indigenous the Government" scam May cost You to uncover out more.



man Le Tellier responded on Jun 22, 2012 3:01PM Permalink

simply to permit you know I go a find on the routing number over (you claimed is no longer valid) top top the commonwealth Reserve E-Payments Routing brochure It still reflects there together FRB ATL ATLANTA GA. You might want to inspect into why that is now. Good article. I have actually been checking with the fedwire, NIC and also FDIC top top every examine Cashier"s, Official examine I take in to guarantee it is not on the Fraud Lists. We will not expropriate most an individual checks and also then only up come a minimal amount just with proper Identification.

Lesley Fair replied on Jun 27, 2012 8:06PM Permalink

You"ve elevated a very an excellent point. The number is no longer valid in the sense that any type of payment order sent out to the number will be rejected. However it"ll show up in some databases because that a while still. Together you have the right to imagine, it generally takes much longer to update the databases 보다 it walk to turn off a number operationally.While that process is underway, the sounds like you"re acquisition sound steps to it is in on the look-out because that fraud.Thanks an extremely much for her comment.

Martha responded on Oct 3, 2018 11:03AM Permalink

I got a examine from the in regards come the AMG services suit. How can I verify if this inspect is legit? over there is no bank resolve on the check. Staff replied on Oct 3, 2018 3:20PM Permalink

The check from the are legitimate. When you gain a check from the Federal trade Commission, the comes with a letter that describes why you acquired the check and gives details around the case. You and your financial institution can go to for details around the refund. Friend can speak to the firm that the rental to control the refund procedure at 1-866-730-8147. If you gain a check, you need to cash or deposit it in ~ 60 days.

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BleuJay responded on Oct 26, 2019 2:13PM Permalink

I don't recognize whether this will assist or not, however, girlfriend could likewise call the at (202) 326-2222. Ask for, maybe, the bookkeeping office, or ask because that the department that issues checks come people. As soon as you acquire there, ask them if her check, check number XXXXX written for $1234.56, is precious or not.

That's what ns did to verify a examine sent to me by a scammer i m sorry was composed on really cashiers-check-stock v the logo design from a legitimate bank. The only thing "suspect" ~ above the check was the financial institution logo - it was an obvious bad photocopy. When the victim-bank was asked even if it is the check, #89741, to be valid, us were told, "That is an INVALID inspect number!"

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