#8 Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H: WrestleMania 29

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar to be the latter"s very first WrestleMania match because his return in 2012. This bout was the an outcome of a long-standing rivalry between Lesnar and also Triple H. Matters in between the two stars came to be really personal, as Lesnar to be a looming hazard to Triple H and his family.

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During the buildup to WrestleMania, The Beast attacked Vince McMahon. Soon, a No stop Barred match between Lesnar and also Triple H to be booked because that WrestleMania 29. Triple H additionally had to put his career on the line for this bout.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar No hold Barred, Triple H"s job on the line. Wrestlemania 29

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Fazcoasters) march 1, 2021

It was among the most physical WrestleMania matches of every time. Both superstars made the finest use of the No stop Barred stipulation for inflicting pains on every other. Shawn Michaels likewise got involved in the match to assist out his buddy.

At WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar combated The Undertaker in a clash for the ages. Prior to the contest, Lesnar claimed that he to be going to carry out the unthinkable by dominating the spiritual streak the The Deadman.

The WWE cosmos didn"t seem to think Lesnar then. They assumed that Lesnar would be the following Superstar to autumn short against The Undertaker in ~ the Showcase the Immortals. However, WWE had actually other plans in save for the night.


After 20 plus minutes of sheer violence, Brock Lesnar executed a third F5 ~ above the Undertaker. He easily went for the cover and also successfully pinned The Deadman because that a three-count, come everyone"s surprise.

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The entire Superdome arena entered a state of shock together the referee tapped the ring mat for the third time. It to be arguably the many surprising WrestleMania minute of every time. ~ 21 WrestleMania victories, The Undertaker lastly lost at The Grandest phase of them All.

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BrockLesnar break The Undertaker’s win streak (21-0) at #WrestleMania30