I"m writing a SOP for college entrance and also I"m ~ above the close up door statement. I desire to explain myself as someone who gets their project done correctly with responsibility...help!

Written in a context together in:

I now have actually a strong desire to become a person who is a challenger, inspirer, and also a _____.

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Actually ns guess it doesn"t precisely have to it is in a solitary word, just fit for that blank.



"diligent" and also "assiduous" pertained to mind.

EDIT - together the question has been edited, ns then suggest "a diligent and assiduous professional", "a design for my colleagues", "a mirror".

"They have won international renown for your diligent efforts to monitor down software bugs." (Hiawatha Bray) TFL

"And he was not going to have his vanities provoked by contact with the showy worldly successes of the capital, but to live amongst people who can hold no rivalry with that quest of a an excellent idea which to be to be a pair object through the assiduous practice of his profession." (George Eliot) TFL

EDIT - The question has actually been edited so i

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You sound choose a genuine doer:

a human being or point that does something, esp. A person who gets things done v vigor and efficiency.

a person defined by action, as identified from one given to contemplation.

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go-getter (this one"s stated in a comment already)


From macmillandictionary.com:

achiever NOUN someone who is successful because they are determined and also work hard

high/low achiever (=someone who is extremelysuccessful/not an extremely successful in life): Bob’s not what you would callone of life’s high achievers.


someone that is figured out to succeed and who works hard to achievethis. Friend can explain someone like this together go-getting.

She has actually areputation as a actual go-getter.; a go-getting young organization executive.


someone who has achieved a lot and also is determined to continue beingsuccessful

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If friend don"t mental a Yiddish/German expression i beg your pardon is frequently used in usmam.org, a macher (ch pronounced as in Scottish loch). But it may be a little too strong for her needs.

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Highly energetic question. Knife 10 call (not count the combination bonus) in order come answer this question. The reputation need helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

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