a game or diversion in i beg your pardon the participants hit or pelt each various other with something harmless: a pillow fight; a water fight.

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to communicate in fight or in solitary combat; attempt to protect oneself versus or come subdue, defeat, or damage an adversary.
to compete in any type of manner; strive intensely for or versus something: He combated bravely versus despair.
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before 900; (v.) middle English fi(g)hten,Old English fe(o)htan (cognate through German fechten); (noun) center English fi(g)ht,Old English feohte, (ge)feoht, derivative the the v. Base
1, 2. Fight, combat, conflict, contest signify a battle of part kind. Struggle connotes a hand-to-hand battle for supremacy, literally or in a figurative sense. Combat suggests an armed encounter, as in war. Conflict implies a bodily, mental, or ethical struggle caused by the opposite views, beliefs, etc. Contest applies to one of two people a familiar or a hostile battle for a identify prize or aim.
fight·a·ble, adjectivefight·a·bil·i·ty, nounfight·ing·ly, adverboutfight, verb (used with object), out·fought, out·fight·ing.
Figaro, fig-bird, figeater, figger, figgy, fight, hit back, fighter, fighter-bomber, fighter-interceptor, fighter pilot

A fight is a battle, contest, struggle, argument, or any type of clash that entails at least two opposing sides. Fight is likewise to connect in combat or to struggle with something. Fight has several other senses together a noun and a verb.

The many common kind of fight is a physics struggle between two or an ext people (and/or animals) that entails violence. If two men are punching and also kicking each other, they space in a fight or having a fight. Fight is additionally used an ext generally to refer to any struggle, argument, or contest in which two or an ext sides space battling versus each other, literally or figuratively.

Real-life examples: Rowdy football fans sometimes have actually fights. Couples and also families sometimes have fights, an interpretation arguments, as soon as they disagree through each other. A person who is in a fight with cancer is trying come beat that by making it through the disease.Used in a sentence: Luanne is still sulking after our fight over who the ideal James bond is.

As a verb, fight method to communicate in a fight or physical combat. This feeling can also refer come wars between countries. The past tense the fight is fought. A person who is involved in a fight is referred to as a fighter.

Real-life examples: civilization who dislike each other often want come fight and also harm every other. Two dogs the both desire the exact same territory will certainly fight and shot to bite each other. The United says fought Spain during the Spanish American War.Used in a sentence: The man was punched in the face as that tried come fight his hated enemy. 

Fight is used likewise figuratively to average to struggle against anything.

Real-life examples: Farmers regularly fight insects and bad weather. The police fight crime. Civilization fight boredom by watching television or safety time with friends.

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Used in a sentence: The government tried to fight poor by lowering taxes and providing an ext welfare programs.