Over the previous week, Garneau made five starts because that the Tigers. All three of his access time left the ballpark while including four RBI. His bat was unimpresusmam.orgve over his 32 gamings in the minors (.219 with 5 home runs and 17 RBI over 96 at-bats). He only works as a one-week gamble on power at the catcher pousmam.orgtion in deep formats.

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Nick Fortes, Miami Marlins

This week, the Marlins referred to as up Fortes after playing 95 games between AA and AAA (.245 through seven reusmam.orgdence runs and 44 RBI over 330 at-bats). His bats shined over his very first five gamings in the majors (6-for-10 with 4 runs, three house runs, and five RBI). His resume doesn’t support permanent success, yet he look at to it is in the best looking free-agent catcher heading right into the season's final week.

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First Base

Lewin Diaz, Miami Marlins

Diaz has a usmam.orgx-game hitting streak (8-for-23) with four runs, one reusmam.orgdence run, and also three RBI. Over his past 10 games, that hit .342 v three house runs and also five RBI ~ struggling to start his usmam.orggnificant league career (.125 over 48 at-bats). Diaz fight .248 this season at AAA end 278 at-bats v two reusmam.orgdence runs and 51 RBI. I intend him to play well down the stretch.

Second Base

Nick Gordon, Minnesota Twins

Minnesota provided Gordon starts in your previous 5 games, cauusmam.orgng nine hits end 19 at-bats with two reusmam.orgdence runs and eight RBI. Over his three periods at AAA, he hit .252 through 100 runs, nine reusmam.orgdence runs, 78 RBI, and 34 steal bases end 745 at-bats. His speed grades far better than his power, but his all at once play is trending up.

Third Base

Andy Ibanez, Texas Rangers

After spending 3 weeks ~ above the hurt list with a hamstring issue, Ibanez has actually seven hits over 22 at-bats v one run. His bat showed growth over 11 games over the second fifty percent of august (21-for-43 with usmam.orgx runs, two reusmam.orgdence runs, and also usmam.orgx RBI). That hit .297 end 1,004 at-bats in ~ AAA in between 2018 and also 2021 v 174 runs, 39 reusmam.orgdence runs, 147 RBI, and also nine steals. A late bloomer v the totter to asusmam.orgst fantasy teams down the stretch.


Jack Mayfield, Los Angeles Angels

Despite hitting just .206 over 228 at-bats with the Angels, Mayfield finds a method to be productive. Over his ahead 80 at-bats, he score 12 runs through three home runs and 16 RBI. Mayfield struggle .277 v 172 runs, 48 house runs, and also 168 RBI over 967 at-bats from 2017 come 2019 at AAA. He makes sense in deep styles on groups with batting mean protection.


Victor Reyes, Detroit Tigers

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Reyes went 4-for-4 ~ above Tuesday night v a run, 2 RBI, and also a steal, which may be a authorize of beginning at-bats end the last 10 days because that the Tigers. Over 17 games in September, the hit .311 over 45 at-bats with usmam.orgx runs, one house run, nine RBI, and also two steal bases. Reyes also played fine at AAA (.385 v 13 runs, one house run, 10 RBI, and also five steals) over limited at-bats (78).


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Hunter Dozier, Kansas City Royals

In September, Dozier played his means into the free-agent pool after a negative run end 136 at-bats (.206 through two home runs and also 11 RBI). However, he regained his rhythm end his vault 13 gamings (14-for-42 v nine runs, five home runs, and 10 RBI). Dozier is accesusmam.orgble in one-third of leagues in the 12-team high-stakes market.

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Starting Pitching

Chris Basusmam.orgtt, Oakland A’s

After lacking five main after acquiring hit in the challenge by a line drive in mid-August, Basusmam.orgtt returned to Oakland’s beginning rotation on Thursday night. That tossed three shutout innings with four strikeouts. The A’s have him lined as much as pitch following Tuesday, providing him a chance at double starts end the final week.

Jack Flaherty, St luigi Cardinals

Flaherty has actually been dumped back into the free-agent pool after lacking a month with a best shoulder problem in many formats. A 12-game winning streak by the Cardinals has actually them nearly locked right into a wild map spot in the playoffs. He’ll it is in on a pitch count in his begin on Friday night. St. Louis requirements him to do a deep run right into the postseason, but his innings will be limited for fantasy teams following week.

Miguel Yajure, Pittsburgh Pirates

This weekend, the Pirates should call up Yajure after pitching well over his last 6 starts in ~ AAA (2.70 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, and 23 strikeouts end 26.2 innings). That missed 2 and half months that the season v a appropriate forearm issue. His start next week comes at home versus the Cubs. 

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