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The supermarket i shop in ~ does no take CC payments. I have no problem using mine debt card there. Additionally many that the Vietnamese restaurants i eat at are cash only.My only issue would it is in if it to be a huge purchase (tv, appliance) then I"d go whereby CC was embraced extra protection.

My grocery store (WinCo) doesn"t expropriate credit cards just debit and also cash. Ns kinda choose that together it allows them come price your groceries lower as result of not having actually to pay the fees from credit cards according to the employee. I lug cash though, so a ar not accepting credit cards commonly doesn"t bother me.

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stevenngu92 wrote:My grocery keep (WinCo) doesn"t expropriate credit cards only debit and cash. I kinda like that as it enables them to price your groceries lower as result of not having to salary the fees from credit transaction cards follow to the employee. I bring cash though, for this reason a location not accepting credit cards typically doesn"t bother me.WinCo is the biggest grocery chain in the universe and its a an excellent example the someplace the doesn"t take it ccs for great reason. That"s one of the methods that they"re may be to save those tremendous low prices. It constantly strange to spend $100 - $200 there is no a credit card (which I always do in ~ WinCo since there isn"t one near me and I just shop there on unique trips), but people in the west who space lucky sufficient to understand WinCo most likely understand. Employee owned, bag-it-yourself, no ccs, and also they"re kicking Walmart"s ass for groceries in every sector they share.