LSB#: 120607CP02Make: WinchesterModel: Model 64 luxurious “Deer Rifle”Serial Number: 1761880Year of Manufacture: 1951Caliber: .30-30 WCFAction Type: Lever action RifleMarkings: The barrel is significant “Made In new haven, Conn. U. S. That America / Winchester Proof steel / Winchester / Trade mark / version 64 – 30 – 30 Win. -“The Winchester proof is on top of the barrel and also the frame. The serial number is discovered on the underside that the frame, through “CV” front of the trigger.

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Barrel Length: About 24″Sights / Optics: The total is mounted with a hooded, beaded blade on a ramp former sight and also a semi buckhorn windage and also elevation flexible rear sight – also collection in a dovetail slot.Stock construction & Condition: The stocks are manufacturing facility finished and also checkered. Sling swivels room installed. The varnish has thinned a bit, despite the checkering remains fairly pronounced. There is varnish over the checkering. There are scattered dings and marks, however no splits or cracks. The finish appears original, and the wood to steel fit is exceptional and also even proud. The LOP measures about 13 1/4″. The stocks rate in around Fine as whole condition.Type the Finish: BlueFinish Originality: Factory OriginalBore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. Over there is no evidence of pitting or erosion in the bore.Overall Condition: This total retains around 95% the its metal finish. Over there are small patches the thinning top top the barrel, supposedly from rack storage. The flats the the receiver show slight surface scratching – despite this is not v the finish. The frame edges show some very light wear. This rifle maintain the vast majority of its initial finish, with small evidence of warehouse wear or use. The Screw heads are sharp, with just a little bit of wear. The markings are crisp. Overall, this gun prices in about Fine – excellent condition.Mechanics: The action functions together designed and also feels really tight however we have not test fired this rifle.

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Box, Paperwork & Accessories: NoneOur Assessment: This gun resembles the Winchester 1894, and is however one an ext of the long line of successful Browning designed lever action rifles created by Winchester. Much more North American video game has more than likely been taken through a Winchester lever than any kind of other total (save probably the design 70). This total is certainly rare in the luxurious configuration, and with just 67,000 total Model 64’s developed from 1933 to 1956, the Winchester 64 is among those rather obscure firearms that every Winchester repertoire needs.

Sold For: $2,210

Winchester version 64 deluxe “Deer Rifle” .30-30 WCF Lever activity Rifle – Mf’d 1951