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Like any type of other mammal, her dog’s mammary glands will broaden when she provides birth and her nipples will certainly be exposed.

This is a natural procedure that is intended to do it easier for the pups come suckle.

In part cases, the nipples acquire exposed as soon as the dog it s okay on heat and then keep getting bigger till she gives birth.

If this is the first time her girl is having actually puppies, you can wonder if and also when the nipples will certainly recede.

You don’t have to problem though because the nipples will normally recede after some time.

But exactly how long specifically does the take?

There is no one-size-fits-all top top this yet on mean the nipples have to shrink earlier in 6-10 weeks. This is ~ the puppies have actually been weaned.

However, the nipples could take longer to shrink in part dogs and for some, they might not completely shrink back.

It all depends on several determinants some of which you have actually no control over.

The following are several of the components that determine exactly how long her dog’s nipple will take to recede ~ she it s okay puppies.

1. Dogs are Different


Whether or no a body goes earlier to normal and also how lengthy it takes is just one of the similarities in between dogs and also humans.

Like every mrs knows, part get ago in shape nearly immediately while rather don’t just get back to the very same body kind again.

Even though the mean time because that nipples come shrink earlier is 6-10 weeks, part dogs have the right to take as lot as 12 months.

It’s also feasible that the nipples of part dogs will never shrink back.

You can have two similar dogs, exposed come the very same level that physical activity and diet and also still the nipple that one have the right to recede if those ~ above the various other don’t.

Suffice come say, every dog is different.

2. Physical Activity


Pregnancy and also breastfeeding that puppies will take a toll on any dog. She will practically always be exhausted, therefore she may not be as active as before.

Also, your dog will require plenty of food to develop enough milk for her puppies.

Like humans, dogs add weight when pregnant and also since castle will have actually very tiny physical activity after pregnancy, the weight will remain.

That’s why you should get your dog active as quickly as she weans she pups.

Lots the movement and exercise will help her burned off the overfill weight and also that can assist the nipples to recede.

3. The age of her Dog


The younger your dog is, the better chance she has of she nipples receding as quickly as her babies are weaned.

But if the dog is number of years old and also has had a couple of litters, it might be harder for the nipples to recede.

Part that the reason why nipples don’t easily go ago with time is the lagging skin that is a an outcome of an widening stomach during pregnancy.

If friend are getting a rescue dog, you might want to find out how many litters she has had as that will give you a stormy idea the the probability that the nipples receding.

4. The variety of Puppies


It provides perfect sense that a dog with more puppies will require her stomach to expand more than the one through fewer puppies.

In enhancement to the larger belly, the mom with more puppies will additionally need come produce more milk so the her mammary glands will certainly be bigger and her nipples more pronounced.

More puppies also way the nipples will get much more tugging and also pulling as the puppies compete for their revolve to suckle.

As a result, it will certainly be harder because that mama dog’s nipples come go ago to normal.

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Ideally, the nipples of your dog should recede on their very own after she weans she puppies.

However, there space a pair of things you have the right to do to rise the possibilities of the nipples shrinking back.

For starters, you might want to examine her diet as quickly as she weans the puppies.

It is normal for she to eat an ext when she is breastfeeding but you may want to get her earlier to her regular portions.

In addition to watching her diet, gain her physically active as shortly as is practically possible.

Play through her about the residence and also take she for fast walks daily. This will gain her to shed excess weight which will ultimately help the receding that nipples.

You might also try an old remedy: vinegar. Due to the fact that time immemorial, breeders apply vinegar on the nipples to help them shrink back.

Vinegar is likewise a good remedy because that sore nipples. After gift suckled day and also night by her hungry puppies, she will certainly be sore.

So, also if the vinegar doesn’t help tuck the nipples back, you can apply it simply to ease her pain. However, only use the vinegar ~ the puppies have actually been weaned.

Another remedy is putting your dog in a snug swimsuit. This have the right to act together a human body trainer and push back the sunken belly.

However, this will certainly only work if her dog is likewise exercising and also on a healthy and balanced diet.

Also, be careful not to hurt your dog. If she nipples are sore, provide her time come heal very first before you shot this method.

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Final Thoughts


Even after ~ the nipples recede, they will periodically become visible every time she is top top heat.

This is simply her hormones and nature’s means of obtaining her prepared for childbirth.

Just offer it time and she will get earlier to normal as shortly as she is no much longer on heat.

A long-term solution would certainly be to gain her spayed. When spayed, she will neither get on heat or pregnant and also that means you won’t need to worry about her exposed nipples again.

Not spaying your dog also exposes her to other risks. Because that instance, each heat cycle boosts the probability the pyometra.

If friend wait till you need to do emergency surgical treatment to remove her uterus, you might not it is in so lucky.

Such emergency surgeries have a risk factor and not every dogs do it through.

If her dog is old and the nipples just won’t recede, nothing worry about it.

The exposed nipples are not one imperfection and also you deserve to be sure she will get back to her usual tasks as quickly as she is fully recovered.

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For instance, expo dog can offer birth and also still get ago to their regular self in ~ 12 months.

Don’t disapprove a an excellent dog because of her sunken nipples—it won’t impact her high quality of life.