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If i forget to revolve off the danger lights overnight, will certainly that cause a dead battery on mine 2008 Corolla?Same question around the lights on the rear view mirror.Thanks,Mark

Good point, Rich, about the logic that there would certainly be no automatically shutoff for risk lights.Thanks,Mark
Do you recognize if over there is a system that automatically turns the peril lights off? I have never left castle on, however now i seem come remember the I have left the little lights beside the rear view mirror on at night, going come a restaurant say, and also when I return to the car, they space off.
There can"t it is in an auto shutoff because that the hazard lights since that would defeat their objective of offering safety, for the sole function of conserving the battery, but I"m certain that auto shutoff is probably on your car, together it is on mine 2005 Sienna.

I"ve by chance left the inner light on overnight a couple of times in mine 1995 Corolla and haven"t had any problems.
I"ve by chance left the inner light on overnight a couple of times in mine 1995 Corolla and haven"t had any problems.
relies on the car and also condition the the battery.My wife doesn"t drive a lot. Brief trips, periodically it"s parked because that a week, so her batteries are regularly not at complete charge.She eliminated two battery in she "04 Rav4 leaving the inner light on overnight.
Absolutely depends on the car, and whether it"s got an auto-shutoff for the lights. If it doesn"t, the next thing that deserve to save the battery is having actually all LED dome lights. I left my inner lights on for a week in ~ -25 below, forgot come plug the auto in, however it still began alright due to the fact that of the LED lights I"d readjusted out.

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