You’ve fit 2 corners that the bed sheet over her mattress and tucked them neatly underneath the weight. Currently you need to finagle the final two. Even when making use of all your strength and also trying to gain them come stretch far enough, the sheets nothing fit. Friend bought the wrong paper size.

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Luckily, this difficulty is conveniently solved. If she shopping for new sheets, there are standard bed sheet size you have the right to reference. Purchase second-hand? girlfriend can conveniently measure the sheets to be certain they will fit. Our guide breaks under the finest sheet size for any type of bed.

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Bed Sheet sizes Chart

Don’t allow the wrong sheet size result in a restless night the sleep. Here are typical mattress sizes and their accompanying sheet pairings.

dimension Mattress size (in) Mattress dimension (cm) fitted sheet dimension level sheet dimension Duvet cover size
Twin 38” x 75” 96.5 x 190.5 cm Twin Twin Twin
Twin XL 38” x 80” 96.5 x 203 cm Twin XL Twin, pair XL Twin
Full 53” x 75” 134.5 x 190.5 cm Full Full, Queen Full, Queen
Queen 60” x 80” 152.5 x 203 cm Queen Queen Queen
King 76” x 80” 193 x 203 cm King King, Cal-King King, Cal-King
California King 72” x 84” 183 x 213 cm Cal-King King, Cal-King King, Cal-King

The over chart will help you determine what sheet size fit each standard mattress size. If you have a less common mattress size or added mattress toppers, you may need to identify the ideal size based upon your certain measurements.

Below us list the dimensions because that each sheet size. Save in mind, sheet sizes may differ slightly from continuous sheet sizes.


Mattress – approximately 38” x 75” or 96.5 x 190.5 cmFitted sheet – around 39” x 75” or 99.06 x 190.5 cmFlat paper – around 66” x 96” or 168 x 244 cmDuvet sheathe – around 72” x 96” or 1823 x 244 cmBed dress – about 38” x 75” or 96.5 x 190.5 cm

The smallest bed size is the twin, designed come comfortably hold one sleeper. Pair bedding fits snuggly ~ above a 38 inch broad and 75 inch long mattress. Depending upon the bedding material and also brand, the size of the flat sheet and also duvet may vary. As lengthy as this sheets are longer and more comprehensive than the dimensions of the mattress, you shouldn’t have any kind of issues.

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Twin XL

Mattress – around 38” x 80”or 96.5 x 203 cmFitted paper – approximately 39” x 80” or 99 x 203 cmFlat sheet – roughly 66” x 96” or 168 x 244 cmDuvet – roughly 72” x 96” or 1823 x 244 cmBed skirt – about 38” x 80” or 96.5 x 203 cm

Commonly found in college dorms, the twin XL mattress is slightly much longer than the twin. This method that if you headed off to college, you’ll likely need come buy a brand-new set of pair XL equipment sheets. This fitted sheets are generally 39 inches large and 80 customs long. Their flat sheet counterparts are usually 66 inches large and 96 customs long.

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Mattress – about 53” x 75” or 134.5 x 190.5 cmFitted paper – roughly 54” x 75” or 137 x 190.5 cmFlat sheet – approximately 96” x 102” or 244 x 259 cmDuvet covering – roughly 93” x 96” or 236 x 244 cmBed skirt – roughly 53” x 75” or 134.5 x 190.5 cm

Many apartment dwellers pick a full size mattress (also called a double) due to the fact that it’s large enough come sleep comfortably, yet doesn’t take up the whole room. Full-sized mattresses room also an excellent for guest bedrooms. If you buying full size sheets, be sure that the equipment sheets room the exactly size.

Full size fitted sheets are generally 54 inches large and 75 customs long. The full size level sheet is the exact same measurement together a queen, at 96 inches by 102 inches. A complete size duvet is likewise the same size as a queen duvet, measure 93 inches large and 96 customs long.

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Mattress – approximately 60” x 80” or 152.5 x 203 cmFitted paper – around 60” x 80” or 152.5 x 203 cmFlat paper – about 96” x 102” or 244 x 259 cmDuvet sheathe – about 93” x 96” or 236 x 244 cmBed skirt – approximately 60” x 80” or 152.5 x 203 cm

Queen mattresses space the most common mattress size. Couples or people who like having some extra room will outfit your room v a queen mattress. If you have to purchase queen sheets, you’ll have to be aware of what dimension they come in. Queen size fitted sheets are frequently 60 inches wide and 80 customs long. The queen size flat sheet is around 96 inches large and 102 customs long.

Are There various Sized Queen Sheets?

While most queen-sized mattresses room 60 inches broad and 80 inches long, there space some variations to queens.

A half queen is a specialty mattress it is 30 inches large and 80 inches long. Typically, human being have two half-queen mattresses therefore they can adjust each side to the person’s comfort level. Because that this kind of mattress, you’ll must buy specialty half-queen fitted sheets. You deserve to use the standard queen size for flat sheets and also duvet covers.

A California queen bed is generally 60 inches wide and 84 inch long. For this specialty size, you’ll require to uncover fitted sheets that are 60 inches by 84 inches. The level sheets and duvet cover have the right to be the classic queen size.

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Mattress – about 76” x 80” or 193 x 203 cmFitted sheet – roughly 76” x 80” or 193 x 203 cmFlat sheet – roughly 102” x 112” or 259 x 284 cmDuvet cover – about 96” x 109” or 244 x 277 cmBed dress – about 76” x 80” or 193 x 203 cm

Perfect because that cozying up through your significant other, pet, and little one, the king mattress is 76 inches large and 80 inch long. Equipment king sheets have to fit snugly, therefore they are around the exact same size. The king level sheets are typically a tiny larger, at 102 inches vast by 112 customs long. A king duvet consists the bed, through its cover paper measuring 96 inches wide and 109 inch long.

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California King

Mattress – approximately 72” x 84” or 183 x 213 cmFitted sheet – approximately 72” x 84” or 183 x 213 cmFlat paper – about 102” x 112” or 259 x 284 cmDuvet sheathe – approximately 96” x 109” or 244 x 277 cmBed skirt – roughly 72” x 84” or 183 x 213 cm

The luxurious California king mattress is 72 inches large and 84 inches long. A California king equipment sheet must be the exact same size. The level sheet deserve to be the exact same as a king, 102 inches large by 112 customs long. The duvet can additionally have the same dimensions as a king, at 96 customs by 109 inches.

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Types the Sheets

Don’t recognize the difference in between a fitted sheet and also a level one? this is a quick guide top top the varieties of sheets you will do it encounter as soon as shopping because that bedding.


Fitted Sheets

A fitted paper is designed to fit perfectly onto her mattress. It generally has elastic in the corners to aid the sheet grip ~ above the mattress.

Fitted sheets must be especially sized to enhance the mattress dimensions. If the fitted paper is too big, the paper will fall off. If it’s also small, you’ll have actually trouble acquiring the elastic over the mattress corners.

Flat Bed Sheets

As the surname suggests, level bed sheets space meant come lie flat on the mattress. They need to be larger than the mattress surface. The extra towel that hangs end the sides is then tucked under the mattress.


Not come be perplexed with a comforter, a duvet is a thick ceiling that’s filled v down, feathers, wool, silk, or man-made material. Duvets require a duvet sheathe sheet the you can take off to clean. This bedding lies on top of the bed and drapes slightly over the leaf of the mattress.

Bed dress

Lastly, a bed dress is a fabric that wraps roughly the bottom that the mattress. The designed to hide the room between the mattress and also the floor. This enables you to cover the boxspring and also any items that are hiding underneath her bed in storage.

How carry out You measure a equipment Sheet?

If you’re tho unsure if a fitted sheet will certainly fit her mattress, you can quickly measure it and find out.


Remove any type of sheets from her bed and measure the width and length of your mattress. Then measure the height of her mattress, being certain to include any type of mattress toppers. Create these dimensions down. Your fitted paper should match or it is in slightly bigger than this dimensions.

Next, measure her fitted sheet. Put the sheet out to find which next is the length (the much longer side). Measure up from one edge to the other to find the length measurement. Then measure up the shorter side, from corner to corner. This is the width. Lastly, take her fitted sheet and measure follow me the bag seam. This will certainly tell friend the height.

If these dimensions are same to or slightly larger than your mattress measurement, the fitted sheet have to fit. If lock are much larger, the sheet could bunch up in the night and also come off. If they are smaller, the sheet will not fit.

Additional Considerations

To make sure you no left v the disappointment of the wrong dimension sheet, below are a couple of added items to save in mind.

Mattress Depth

Many people want extra support or cushion on your mattress. Mattress toppers will add to the depth or height of the mattress. Be sure to take your complete mattress depth into consideration when purchasing equipment sheets. A traditional fitted sheet generally has a depth that 12 inches. Deep pocket fitted sheets can fit a depth approximately 18 inches.

Washing your Sheets

When you obtain sheets, the first thing you have to do is wash them. Sheets may have remained in contact v chemicals in production and transportation, for this reason it’s vital to to wash them. However, it’s vital that you follow the washing instructions on the label. If her sheets shrink, they probably won’t fit your mattress anymore.

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Now that you understand everything around bed sheet sizes, you have the right to purchase bedding confidently and know the it will fit perfect onto her mattress. You will do it be snug in your brand-new sheets in no time. Peak off her dreamy oasis v a calming weighted blanket that’s designed because that the ultimate relaxation.