Utterly stupid question of the day.Where is the many painful ar to pluck hair indigenous on the human being body? i am reasoning the toe.

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quote:Originally post by Zeus:Gotta be within the nose As a nose-hair plucker, ns agree. -- View picture here: http://episteme.usmam.org/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif --Edit: ns pluck my very own nose-hairs. (It"s no my JOB)

Nose, by FAR, slightly followed by toes. All over else, I have the right to pluck without also flinching, but nose and also toe hurt prefer a bitch.

quote:Originally post by Shudder:Eyebrow. Women space fucking crazy. No way dude. That"s like, the least painful place to pluck from. -- View photo here: http://episteme.usmam.org/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif --I would certainly say the the lower stomach (like below the belly switch but above the crotch) is pretty painful.

Forgetting mine original response for a moment, why pluck your nose hairs, when you deserve to shave them off?One of mine buddies to buy me a Sharper photo nose hair trimmer, and also I haven"t looked back. (The develop quality is pretty crappy, yet it works).

Well, maybe as soon as some girl walk it to me the truth that she grabbed like 10 out of over there at once did me in.The sleep is painless because that me. No that I also have to issue much (ew -- View picture here: http://episteme.usmam.org/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif -- )

quote:Originally post by doshin:Forgetting my original response for a moment, why pluck your sleep hairs, as soon as you have the right to shave them off?One of mine buddies to buy me a Sharper image nose hair trimmer, and also I haven"t looked back. (The construct quality is pretty crappy, but it works). Why bother through buying a trimmer, as soon as I have the right to just seize them through my fingers or tweezers and just yank castle out? It hurts like a bitch, yet it"s a great kind that hurt.

Besides the tear inducing pain, don"t you obtain ingrown nose hairs native plucking?Second inquiry (might also get every the nasty sleep hair concerns out the the way), how frequently do girlfriend trim your sleep hairs? I"m starting to carry out it like twice a main now and also I feel favor that"s a lot.

OMG the nose!! Talk about opening the floodgates that the eye and starting a sneezing convulsions. I"ve acquired to acquire a trimmer.

The eyelids deserve to be quite painful. No eyelashes, but when her brow grows down on the lid itself. It"s particularly painfull as soon as you space not the one doing the plucking. -- View picture here: http://episteme.usmam.org/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif --

quote:Originally posted by Pro-Zak:Just use an icecube. Other than on the scrotum. Yowch. AHH! Numb nuts would certainly suck.

I"d probably say what on the side of your face, prefer the sideburns. Nose harms too, however the coarse people on the next of your challenge are buried in much much more tightly and deeper.

Eyebrows, however the hairs that (if friend are acquiring a unibrow) are best by your nose/eyes. Those fucking hurt.

I have actually no pain tolerance, and it doesn"t hurt lot to execute my eyebrows. I suspect that the nose is the right answer.

Nose, definitely. Can"t trim the small bastards or castle turn right into some kind of room age kevlar that scrapes the inside of the nose, plucking is absolutely the means forward. Does lug tears come the eye though.

quote:Originally post by JasonF:Definitely nose, adhered to by most likely ankles. It has never occurred to me that someone would shot to pluck their ankles.

I favor my hobbit feet. So i won"t even shot to pluck those guys out.For nose hairs. I use the tiny scissor that comes v my tiny Swiss military Knife. Simply scrunch the confront nose/lip area a little bit to acquire the hairs an ext pronounced out of the nostrils and also trim accordingly. Works great for me. Hopes this helps for you guys, don"t forget the sleep hairs aid protect her system.

Just the assumed of plucking a sleep hair makes tears stream under my cheeks. Ouch! -- View photo here: http://episteme.usmam.org/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif --

quote:Originally posted by eJacqui:quote:Originally posted by JasonF:Definitely nose, complied with by more than likely ankles. It has never emerged to me the someone would try to pluck their ankles. I do, if waxing missed a couple. Yeah, it"s pretty sensitive, but not as negative as tummy as you say. I"ve never ever plucked my nose though.

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Clint sez:quote: quote: originally posted by Zeus: Gotta be within the sleep Butane lighter works well for that. Sure, however only if friend let the gas construct up in the nose first, then ignite that all, offering a nice, quick "Whoosh!" that cleans out every little thing at once. Remember come exhale, okay?


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