Smell coming out of side vents after driving the car, not to sure just how to describe the odor def doesnt smell sweet, maybe much more like dry rubber? no clearly shows leaks. Automobile doesnt overheat, nor does it smell inside the cabin, only smells after driving the vehicle for a while and also parking in the garage

My automobile has 122000 miles. My vehicle has a manual transmission.

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There two locations I would recommend check on this:

In the trunk by the coolant lid there is a plastic shield. Eliminate this and you must see a coolant wait relief, or "burp" valve. Occasionally you will check out dried coolant in this area which could explain the smell you room experiencing. The relief valve gaskets might need to it is in replaced, or the screws may just be loose, leading to the leak. This can additionally happen if the coolant is overfilled.

Try jacking the automobile up and removing the plastic cover under the former of the engine. Inspect the bottom the the water pump and thermostat to check out if girlfriend find any kind of dried coolant there. Sometimes the water pump pillar will leak slightly. This is generally a very slow and also subtle leak that will get worse over time.

If you would like some assistance with this, a qualified mechanic can examine your coolant leak.

water pumps
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