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space there some foods items that do you super-thirsty after eat them?
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Obviously, really salty or sweet foods can do that, but for me, there are simply some foods where I always feel super thirsty after eating them. I"ve noticed things with a lot of tomato sauce to the right the bill, specifically pizza but additionally some pasta and subs/sandwiches v tomato sauce favor the meatbal below from subway. Ns love pizza, yet after eat a pizza I need to have a drink. Maybe since your median pizza has actually a hell of a lot of salt in it, not simply the sauce yet pepperoni and so on if it"s got it. Additionally if the tardy is yes, really dry, the totality combo. I don"t recognize what it is, however I think tomato paste/thick sauce simply seems to make me yes, really thirsty.
Crystal Light. I don"t acquire why drinking this renders me even more thirsty! I"ve tried the a few times, yet I don"t buy it anymore, because it defeats its totality purpose.

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Ice cream and sweetened beverages (even if it"s fabricated sweetener) always serve to do me more thirsty.
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