This has just happened, i finished food preparation some food because that my self, placed it on some plates and also go to acquire a fork, open up my cutlery drawer and also spoons, knives, various other cutlery manipulation tools but not a solitary fork. Now, I'm no the sort of person to misplace around 10 forks, so ns look in the sink, one spoon and two plates but no fork from this morning. Ns looked roughly other locations where it can have accidentally to be misplaced but can't find a single fork.

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I am making use of a spoon come eat my dinner, since the forks have disappeared from my apartment.

Update: Just uncovered a solitary fork in the sink i m sorry only had actually a spoon and two plates, i don't know exactly how that's possible but at the very least I have actually one back, now I'm only lacking nine more.


Look, this sound silly, but try asking because that the forks back. I'm not even kidding.

I've had actually disappearing/reappearing forks too, honestly. 2 go missing, unexpectedly I look in the utensil drawer and also there's an additional one in there.

Yeah I have a emotion this is much less "Glitch in the matrix" and much more "Slightly haunted", i wouldn't be surprised to uncover them neatly lined increase on the kitchen counter tomorrow. If I carry out then it'll it is in time to pack and leave this apartment haha

I had this specific same thing happen. Turned the end my ex husband was acquisition forks to work to eat his lunch and also losing them

This seems prefer an epidemic. I’m kind of relieved that I’m no the only one, though.

One day we suddenly had actually three forks, yet eighteen butter knives. I in reality counted them— that’s an insane quantity of butter knives. Normal amount the spoons.

About a week later, we were increase to 5 forks, yet only four spoons (and they were all large soup spoons).

I’ve searched high and also low for my missing cutlery. Room my forks and spoons in which method transmogrifying into knives? It’s exceptionally frustrating!!

Mate, at some point I have 12 spoons in a drawer. Following morning just 2 and also nobody knows what's happened to them. It's strange.

Exact exact same thing happening come me rn. Mine forks and also my high glasses. Ns have, like, 5 forks when I had actually 12 before. And also I had about 9 high glasses and also can only discover 2.

I don't bring food or drinks out the the kitchen anymore so I have no clue wherein these things can be.

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You have actually a hidden house guest slythering with your duct work and also coming out as soon as you're asleep or gone. (S)he/it is eating your food and hoarding your forks.


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