Elephants room truly magnificent animals-so lot so, that they have actually a day committed in their honor. Sunday, respectable 12 is human being Elephant day - a day devoted to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. What carry out you know about elephants? below is a arsenal of facts that you may not have actually known.

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African elephant populaces are sometimes thought to differ only by the ar of the animals. But, evolutionarily speaking, forest and also savannah elephants are as different genetically as asian elephants and also woolly mammoths.

The elephant’s closestly living family member is the absent hyrax. That is a small furry mammal that stays in rocky landscapes throughout sub-Saharan Africa and also along the coast of the Arabian peninsula.

African elephants are the biggest land mammals ~ above the planet, and the females the this species undergo the longest pregnancy—22 months.

Despite their size, elephants can be turned off by the the smallest of critters. One study found that they prevent eating a type of acacia tree that is residence to ants. Underfoot, ants can be crushed, but an elephant wants to avoid obtaining the ants within its trunk, i m sorry is full of sensitive nerve endings.

Don’t feeding an elephant peanuts - elephants don’t prefer peanuts. Castle don’t eat lock in the wild, and also zoos don’t feed them to your captive elephants.

Female elephants live in groups of about 15 animals, all related and also led by a matriarch, usually the earliest in the group. She’ll decide where and when lock move and also rest, day come day and season to season.

Male elephants leave the matriarch groups in between age 12 and 15. Yet they aren’t loners—they live in all-male groups. In dry times, these males will kind a linear pecking order that helps them avoid injuries that could result from competing for water.

Asian elephants don’t run. Running requires lifting all four feet in ~ once, yet elephants filmed in Thailand constantly kept at the very least two top top the soil at every times.

An afri elephant deserve to detect seismic signals with sensory cell in the feet and likewise “hear” this deep-pitched sounds as soon as ground vibrations take trip from the animal’s prior feet, increase its leg and shoulder bones and also into its center ear. The elephant have the right to determine the sound’s direction by comparing the time of signals received by each of its front feet.

Like person toddlers, an excellent apes, magpies and also dolphins, elephants have actually passed the winter test—they identify themselves in a mirror.

Elephants can acquire sunburned, for this reason they take treatment to defend themselves. “Elephants will throw sand on your backs and on their head. They do that to store them from getting sunburned and to store bugs off,” Tony Barthel, curator that the Elephant House and the Cheetah Conservation terminal at Smithsonian’s national Zoo, called Smithsonian.com. To defend their young, adult elephants will certainly douse lock in sand and stand end the tiny ones together they sleep.

Elephants have progressed a 6th toe, which starts off as cartilage attached to the animal’s huge toe yet is converted to bone as the elephant ages.

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Some farmer in Kenya defend their areas from elephants by lining the boundaries with beehives. This is doubly useful - not just are their plants saved, however the farmers likewise get additional income from the honey.

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