Some cat lick us or the air once they obtain pets and scratches indigenous people. Let"s explore why this happens.

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Your Cat can Have an Itch She Can"t Scratch

If you are gently scratching one area of her cat"s body that she can"t with herself, it could be dirty or itchy because it"s escaped her cautious grooming efforts. This happens frequently on the behind end and also tail-head locations of cats that room overweight.

When girlfriend touch the area, that can cause an automatically desire for your cat come groom the spot, but due to the fact that she can"t reach it, she licks at the waiting or a component of she body that she have the right to reach instead.


Your Cat could Have a Skin Condition

If your cat has fleas, mites, or allergy that reason itchy skin, her petting could be scratching one itch or causing an uncomfortable feeling for her. Her an answer might be to automatically begin licking, but some cats will also bite or scrape the human doing the petting, so be careful.

Your Cat might Not reap the Petting

Some cats seem to discover pets and also scratches delivered by a human being uncomfortable. They may not favor to be touch anywhere, or there might be particular parts of their body whereby they"d fairly not obtain petting.

Other cats have actually a condition called feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which reasons their skin to be very sensitive, so a tiny pet or scratch might be ache or incredibly uncomfortable.

Your Cat could Be Exhibiting mutual Grooming Behavior

Cats that room friends frequently groom each various other simultaneously. Your cat"s actions of licking it s her or the air when you pet her can be motivated by that mutual grooming desire.

What to perform if her Cat Licks Herself when You pet Her

If her cat starts licking it s her or the air as soon as you provide her a pets or scratch, have actually her viewed by a veterinarian because that skin conditions.


It"s crucial to advice the remainder of her cat"s body language as soon as this behavior occurs. If she appears otherwise calm and also happy, leans right into your petting, and seeks it out again as soon as you stop, she is more than likely happy v the means you"re petting her. However, if she plot upset, leans away, or moves as though she can bite you, she more than likely doesn"t choose what you"re doing.

If the behavior only happens once you pets a details area, take into consideration whether this can be a spot that your cat can"t groom herself. If so, you can brush it for her everyday to save it clean and comfortable because that her.

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If your cat seems to dislike gift touched in details spots, avoid petting those areas both come respect her comfort and also to protect against being bitten or scratched.