Guy Penrod, a component of bill Gaither’s band from 1994 to 2008, will certainly be featured in concert in ~ the Adler Theatre in Davenport ~ above Friday. Contributed PHOTO

If she at least a casual pan of Christian music or channel surfed to one of his numerous appearances on invoice Gaither’s TV series, yes no mistaking man Penrod.

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“I didn’t setup to have a ‘look.’ however it’s my illustration card,” stated Penrod, whose shoulder-length, now-silver hair and beard have become a trademark.

“If they can’t remember the surname or the song, they have the right to remember the look,” Penrod said during a phone call interview indigenous a family members vacation in Door County, Wis. “Anything that have the right to lift increase what i lift up and also get attention and make a difference, i’m guilty. Okay use everything I must at the point.”

The boy of a Baptist preacher, Penrod was component of the four- to five-man Gaither Vocal tape from 1994 till he left in ~ the finish of 2008.

“It’s a decision I faced with a lot of prayer, thinking ‘Oh, God, i hope ns hearing this from You,’” that said. “At some point, ns felt favor I was to sing to the choir, literally. I had the idea come wrap some great country roughly philosophical viewpoints to living that ns think work.”

Penrod said he had the utmost respect and love because that Bill and Gloria Gaither, and also that he is still a component of the Gaither Homecoming TV shows but not the tours, i beg your pardon have come to be a near-staple at the ns wireless center in Moline.

The father of eight children, ages 20 to 6 years (in two-year increments, the points out), Penrod bring his solo power to the Adler Theatre, Davenport, for a Friday night concert.

“I had actually it in mine heart because that a lengthy time to take music and use it prefer a train, to relocate philosophy or believed or creative thinking down the track of life,” claimed Penrod, that turned 49 this week. “You take things that relocate you and also life fads that you think in. Girlfriend wrap an excellent music approximately a good lyric and get the idea with the marketplace, the culture. You affect the culture if you think in what you believe in.”

Penrod’s debut album, “Breathe Deep,” to be released in 2010 and also got as high together seventh ~ above the Christian music charts. He followed that up v “Hymns,” his variation of traditional songs that peaked in ~ No. 5 after its in march release.

“Rather 보다 go head come head with Kenny Chesney or confidence Hill or any type of of those who have had success v country, gift on the gospel side of the fence, ns didn’t want to jump out to something and fail inevitably,” Penrod said.

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Instead of do the efforts to do a splash in the huge markets, he’s taking what the terms together the gospel marketing approach, playing much more to the secondary and tertiary markets and also their radio stations.

“I feel that slow, steady expansion is more a stable, long-term strategy to my career flashes in the pan,” the said, “which I’ve seen a most in mine career.”



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Guy Penrod, a part of bill Gaither’s band from 1994 to 2008, will be featured in concert at the Adler Theatre in Davenport ~ above Friday. Contributed PHOTO