A an excellent flowering that culture, toward the finish of the center ages, that began in Italy and spread transparent Europe

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A philosophy that emphasizes the worth and potential of every individuals and also tries come balance religious faith with id in the strength of the person mind
Renaissance was influenced majorly by both periods, mostly by classical. Classical: figures were lifelike, numbers were naked or clothed. Medieval: art was spiritual sometimes
How did the expansion of trade, commerce and city states produce a boom in art and learning during the renaissance?
Money became much more available and also common v trade and also etc. And also people to be able come afford together things like schools and also art.
How did humanism develop? In what methods did humanists revive timeless greek and roman ideas and also improve them?
Humanism occurred as a an outcome in renewed attention in classic culture. Studied greek and roman books, coins and other artifacts that assisted learn about the classical world. Studied greek and roman damages to build brand-new buildings, boosted in universities, writing, politics and government.
Humanism wasn"t agreeing with the catholic means of life. Prefer life after death was an ext important 보다 life, yet humanism assumed that you shouldn"t wait until you to be dead, the you must live both resides fully.

Impact California social Studies world History, Culture, & location The contemporary WorldJackson J. Spielvogel


World background Human Legacy: contemporary Era (California)Peter Stearns, Sam Wineburg, Susan Elizabeth Ramirez

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