The white albino hamster, which has eyes the a red or pinkish hue, causes mixed and conflicting feelings in people.But, despite the exotic and even horrible appearance, the hamster v red eyes, except for the figure is almost no various from various other brethren.

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Albinos hamsters: a separate breed or not?


The opinion that hamsters with a snow-white hair coat and also red eye belong to a separate breed is erroneous.After all, albinos are found amongHungariansand among representatives that theSyrian breed.

It is rather complicated to accomplish albino hamsters under natural environmental conditions, since, due to the light fur, animals are not adapted to survival and often come to be victims of predators.

To bring out rodents through a white color, breeders took numerous years of difficult work and also not constantly such experiments ended successfully.The an initial white hamsters, bred artificially, did no differ in great health and also long life expectancy.In addition, albinos behaved aggressively and often little bit their owners as soon as trying to choose them up.

Finally, after lengthy breeding work, scientists controlled to carry out white-colored hamsters, who did not suffer serious health and wellness problems, and who had a friendly, relaxed nature.

Miniature rodents v a dazzling snow-white fur coat and bright red eyes are fairly rare even now, i beg your pardon is why breeders are particularly appreciated and also are popular among fans of unusual pets.

Why walk the hamster have red eyes


If us talk about albino hamsters, then the red or pinkish eye shade of these animals is taken into consideration normal and also is due to the lack of colors melanin, i beg your pardon is responsible for the color of the fur and the eye iris.In rodents whose human body does not develop melanin, the wool has no color, and also therefore is snow-white, and the eyes have a bright red tint, since their covering is transparent and through it blood vessels space visible.

But occasionally it happens the the eyes of a little pet, not an albino, come to be unhealthy red color.Why go this happen and what treatment methods have the right to be used to aid a furry pet?


Red eyes room characteristic of rodents experiencing from congenital or acquired blindness.Identifying a hamster who is remote from bear is easy: the baby barely moves, does no respond come movement, and also does not frolic v its fellows.

A healthy pet may end up being blind because of injury or infection in the eye.If the owner has noticed the the pet’s iris has become red and pus is exit from it, friend should call your veterinarian and also not start the disease, which have the right to lead to finish blindness.

Dust irritation

The cause of redness have the right to be dust the gets right into the eye of a rodent.This frequently happens when the hamster is allowed to walk freely throughout the apartment.In this instance it is essential to to wash the eye of her pet through a weak equipment of potassium permanganate or chamomile decoction.


Also, the hamster’s eye redness have the right to be caused by an infection.Especially often this happens if the owner forgets to readjust the litter in a rodent cage and also does not lug out basic cleaning in it.The frivolous attitude to the pet’s health have the right to provoke the advancement ofconjunctivitisin itand then long-term complex treatment will be needed.

In the event that the pet has reddened eyes and purulent discharge from them, you should not shot to cure her pet through yourself.Especially not to ask in the eyes of a hamster autumn intended because that humans.Only a default specialist deserve to prescribe ideal treatment and help the pet cope with the disease.

Albino hamster health

Regardless that the each other of white hamsters with red eyes, they room all predisposed come visual and also skin diseases.Albinos are much more likely than normal-colored rodents to suffer from cancer.Also, white pets can form on the skin ulcers or papillomas.

The eye of albinos are really sensitive, particularly to sunlight.Therefore, a cage with small pets should be inserted there, wherein there is no accessibility to direct sunlight.You deserve to not expose these inexplicable animals and stress.Scientists have discovered that albinos suffer more fright and stressful cases than your fellows v the usual color.

It is quite challenging to give precise answer come the question of how long hamsters live, v a white hair coat and also red eyes.It is believed that the life expectations of these animals is around 2-3 years, listed that castle are listed with proper care.

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Albino Hamster care Guidelines


Care for snow-white hamsters is practically no various from care for the remainder of rodents.But there room several features in their content that must be thought about to make the pet feel calm and comfortable:

Animals with a white hair coatdo not choose a neighborhood with other hamsters, so that is preferable to keep them in a different cage.This is especially true of miniature albino jungars, who often show aggression in the direction of the rest of the rodents;The owner will have to frequently change the litter in the pet’s house in stimulate to protect against infection in the perceptible eyes the the animal;Cell size isalso vital when maintaining these unexplained animals.The cage need to be spacious and equipped v a to run wheel, shelves at different levels and also swings;Snow-white rodents love secluded places where they can hide from everyone.For example, the Syrian albino hamster needs a residence in which that spends most of the daytime escaping indigenous the light and the sun;Bathing hamsters v snow-white hair is impossible.That their fur coat looked well-groomed enough to placed in a cagebath through special sand;These pets are very shy, therefore you need to protect them indigenous noise and loud sounds.It doesn’t issue what each other you have actually a pet, a miniature Dzungarian hamster, or a fluffy white Syrian, the main thing is come devote sufficient time and also attention come your inexplicable pet, due to the fact that each the them needs the love and care of the owner.