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"Love Is the Answer" is a track written by Todd Rundgren because that his band Utopia. The is the closing monitor on your 1977 album Oops! wrong Planet. Return Utopia"s version did no reach the music charts, a cover variation by England Dan & man Ford Coley reached number 10 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 chart in might 1978 and also spent two weeks atop the Billboard Adult contemporary chart. Man Ford Coley was quoted together saying: "Of every the songs we released together singles, the was my favorite. The song first of all had a classic base, and the middle had a gospel ar which ns loved. "The song has been covered several times by Christian artists. Sheila Walsh recorded it in 1988 for her album say So, and performed that on her very an initial The 700 club appearance as co-hostess. Bill Cantos and Justo Almario spanned it in 1995 for the album Who space You. Cindy Morgan covered it in 2000 for her biggest hits album, finest So Far. Bob Carlisle and also Bryan Duncan videotaped a gospel blues variation in 2001. Filipino singer Gary Valenciano likewise covered the song on his 2001 album, Revive. In 2004, valley Campbell videotaped the song as the title track of the album Love Is the Answer: 24 song of Faith, Hope and Love. Christian modern band circle of Friends covered it on their 2012 album favored & Beloved, pairing it through the old hymn "Tell Me the Story of Jesus".more »

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Name your priceA ticket come paradiseI can"t stay here any kind of moreAnd I"ve looked high and also lowI"ve to be from shore to coast to shoreIf there"s a brief cut I"d have discovered itBut there"s no easy way around itLight that the world, shine on meLove is the answerShine on us all, set us freeLove is the answerWho to know whySomeday us all have to dieWe"re every homeless boys and also girlsAnd us are never ever heardIt"s together a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely worldPeople turn their heads and walk top top byTell me, is it worth just an additional try?Light of the world, light on meLove is the prize (let that shine)Shine on us all, set us freeLove is the answer (you know the answer is love)Tell me, space we alive, or simply a dying planet?What are the chances?Ask the male in her heart because that the answersAnd as soon as you feel afraid, love one anotherWhen you"ve shed your way, love one anotherWhen you"re all alone, love one anotherWhen you"re much from home, love one anotherWhen you"re down and also out, love one anotherAll your hope"s run out, love one anotherWhen you need a friend, love one anotherWhen you"re close to the end, loveWe gained to love, we gained to love one anotherLight of the world, you gained to light on meLove is the answerShine on united state all (know the love deserve to save the day)Set united state freeLove is the answer(Just offer it, simply one much more chance)Light of the world, bright on meLove is the answer (love, love, love)Shine on us all, collection us freeLove is the answer(Lord, you just can"t let the stop, Lord)Light the the world, shine on meLove is the answerShine on us all, set us free

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Todd Rundgren Todd bother Rundgren (born June 22, 1948) is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and also record producer. Compliment in the early stage the his career together a brand-new pop star, sustained by the certified gold solo dual LP Something/Anything? in 1972, his job has created a diverse variety of recordings as solo artist, and also during the seventies and also eighties through the band Utopia.

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The has additionally been prolific together a producer and engineer on the recorded occupational of other musicians. Much more »