The comic starts with an exciting quote: “Those who shot to make sense of the civilization are split into four categories: scientists, theologians, philosophers, and fools. Convey … make the one category with three sub-divisions” — Carlo Kensada, 1892.

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TV anchor Ariel O’Hare stops to speak to brand-new hire Barney before the news broadcast. Barney climate mentions come Ariel that the news station received a “prank” letter native a guy who calls self “Dr. Poor Vibes” who is threaten to start an earthquake at noon. Great by the man threat, she decides to read the letter during the news broadcast together a joke.

In another component of town, Eddie Brock Jr. – aka venom – is watching television inside that a TV shop. Suddenly, the married pair who own the shop start arguing and also the mam storms out furiously through her husband rolling behind. Eddie walks on under the street, his mullet ready for action, and watches together the shop owners’ daughter sneaks right into her boyfriend’s automobile as her parents are away. She boyfriend catches Eddie city hall them and angrily speak him come mind his own business. Eddie humorously obliges stating that he “looks too tough” because that him.


Venom instantly assumes that the Hulk is working for bad Vibes and also attacks him, beginning the epos battle. Dislike by Venom’s appearance, Hulk obliges and begins come return blows. After ~ a few shots, the Hulk asks venom what his trouble is, shocking the anti-hero through his newly discovered vocabulary. Hulk then describes that his rampage was pretend, insinuating the he was merely trying to distract the mad earthquake device from making an additional earthquake (I don’t know the reasonable behind this plan either), but then claims that he would certainly gladly make an exemption for Venom and also go ~ above a genuine rampage. Ticked turn off by the Hulk’s arrogance, Venom strikes him a 2nd time with full force. Despite the Hulk is much superior in strength, Venom in reality holds his own and also puts increase a an excellent fight with his enhanced agility and also reflexes.


He dodges several of Hulk’s attacks and unleashes little flurries of punches and also kicks versus the green giant as the continually leaps in a desperate attempt to protect against Hulk’s lethal blows. Venom likewise tries to usage his webbing together an advantage and tangles the green huge in it. However, Hulk proves to be too mighty and also easily rips himself cost-free from the entrapment. This pressures Venom come rely exclusively on rate as the Hulk smashes your surroundings into bits. After some more epic battling, the Hulk climate manages come squeeze in among his famous mega claps in between Venom’s flurries. The clap sends a shockwave the K.O.s the lethal protector to the ground. The sonic noise additionally harms the symbiote and also causes venom to cower far from Hulk in agony. While venom is down, Hulk notifies him the he’s right here to help the earthquake victims and also the two heavy-weights ultimately see eye-to-eye and also agree to work-related together. Leaving the Hulk together the winner that the fight.


The duo then travel to the news’ station and go on-camera, calling out Dr. Poor Vibes to fight them. They speak to him a coward, threaten to beat the living daylight out of him, and also surprisingly don’t make fun of his ridiculous rogue name. The setup works and also Bad Vibes call in ~ above a land-line phone. The Hulk easily unplugs the phone wire and plugs it right into a weird portable machine that that was transferring in his ripped violet pants (convenient). The device allows him to talk to Dr. Negative Vibes if tracing the call. As soon as he find the address, Ariel insists that she be enabled to follow them in the news van. Gift stands up for her and tells the Hulk they have to go along. No wanting to waste time, the Hulk agrees.


They arrive at bad Vibes’ location, but shockingly don’t discover the mad scientist. Instead, they just find a holy ghost ill human with a cardboard doomsday device, thus the earthquake was natural and also the instance merely coincidence. Ariel and also the reporters walk away in disgust. Gift disappointingly admits that he wanted one person to blame because that the quakes. The is as soon as the Hulk educates him the nobody desires to recognize that arbitrarily things occur all the time; sometimes there is no happiness or factor behind anything. Gift then watch the TV shop owners and their daughter reunite in happiness and also thinks the there “might be an occasional allude to it”.


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OPINIONS: Although i was a little disappointed that there no going to be a team up fight v the Hulk and also Venom top top one side and also Dr. Negative Vibes ~ above the other, i did discover the finishing interesting and enjoyed the philosophy in it. Plus the exclusion of a team up fight permitted the fight between Hulk and also Venom to be longer. I would have actually probably preferred that instead of faking a rampage, the Hulk was actually on a rampage motivated by the earthquake once Venom bumps into him, yet oh well. It would certainly have also been amazing if in ~ one point, the symbiote tried to bond with Hulk. But anyway, the key reason I took pleasure in this comic is since Venom is perfect in it. I would absolutely recommend this comic to anyone who likes Hulk or venom or anyone who enjoys analysis a an excellent cheesy fight – mine rating: 7 the end of 10.