R4 who would be far better at assassinating the Shogun, 1 Ninja vs 10 Samurai, take it in account guards.

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Equipped through standard gear for the time.


R1: Ninjas. Really, any type of 3 dudes v swords and also bare-bones cooperation could beat him. 3 v 1 is incredibly difficult odds for a real person to overcome.

R2: Ninjas. Samurai to be a prominent social class and were out in the open by definition. A Samurai would be on his estate, and also then the maid pouring his tea would jab a hairpin into his neck. That's exactly how ninjas operated. Lock hid themselves in various other social functions that walk unnoticed through the upper classes, favor farmers and servants.

R3: Samurai. They to be well-versed in armed forces formations and also large-group tactics. Ninjas were no trained come fight in vast battles favor that. Castle didn't undertake the armor samurai wore either. In a large battle through such comparable numbers, the samurai would certainly win.

R4: 1 Ninja. Check out R2.

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This and note, if Ninja's varied in skill some Ninja were wonderful swordsman who were more skilled than common samurai. Hattori Hanzo is probably the apex legend of Ninja, and also he was attributed superhuman skill by his opponents.

I think R3 could go in different ways only since Ninja cheat, by definition, and I doubt they would actually go sword to sword v a bunch of samurai. Traps, poison, and also explosives to be in your skill set so they could eek out a win.

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Really, any kind of 3 dudes v swords and also bare-bones teamwork could to win him.

Unfortunately, swords to be not common for "ninja" of any kind of era nor really practical weapons. It was not a typical weapon as they room expensive, challenging to come by, much more difficult to maintain, and if a person who was not a Samurai carried a blade end 11.5" long, castle were automatically executed because that brandishing a weapon. Together for teamwork, well hopefully they've battled someone before since the Samurai most absolutely would have.

3 v 1 is incredibly difficult odds for a real human to overcome.

Can be true, even for Japanese. This example may not be a good one, but it's something to ponder.

I helped manage some kickboxing and martial art gyms because that a really lengthy time, and also looking at the battle aircraft we currently had contrasted to a lot of newer civilization coming in for part fitness training, the distinction in fitness, strength, agility, focus, and so on was simply massive. That's basically what those three Farmers are up against.

The Samurai is much better fed, trained, and a cruel person. I beg your pardon is why Ninja avoided direct combat.

Samurai to be a prominent social class and were the end in the open by definition.

Samurai also employed various other Samurai from a lower course to offer as their guard. If you to be Samurai, you were a soldier.

That's how ninjas operated.

Actually they operated in units. Not little units that 4 or 8. Fairly large ones.

then the maid pouring his tea

No lord of one estate would certainly not recognize the surname of any servant he hires. This ruler of the estate will certainly know. No one new should get that close at all.

other social duties that go unnoticed through the top classes, prefer farmers and also servants.

ALL FARMERS and also SERVANTS ARE required TO BOW IN THE visibility OF SAMURAI. It to be a fatal crime no to bow. Looking at one there is no his permission meant death. More so, a head maid must permit the reduced servants to approach the mr or Samurai to serve them with both permissions of the mr or Samurai and their head servant.

They didn't undertake the armor samurai wore either.

Actually numerous were rental for huge combat reasons and also many donned armor prefer Samurai. Also then, they would not do well in a fight. Ninja were not formal warriors.

R4: 1 Ninja. Watch R2.

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Those castles room huge, the DAimyo or Shogun or everything would be heavily guarded by Samurai. One Ninja wouldn't also get inside.