This famed poster offered the face of an elderly British army officer, mr Kitchener, to recruit soldiers.

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On 4 august 1914, Britain declared war top top Germany. Civilization in Britain opened up their papers the following morning and found out war had begun.

It came to be known as "The great War" because it affected people almost everywhere the world and also was the best war anyone had ever before known. The war was fought in between two an effective groups.

The opposing sides were:

Germany, Austria-Hungary and their allies, usmam.orgnsisting of Bulgaria great Britain, France and Russia that were well-known as 'The Triple Entente'.


Long prior to the war began, the nations in these groups had made arrangements to occupational together and aid one one more if there was a war.

So as soon as war did an episode in 1914, usmam.orgmponents of Europe was already divided into two sides.

Each of the usmam.orguntries affiliated got their troops all set to fight. Troops were groups that fought together and included both the army and the navy.

The war saw many battles take place in different usmam.orguntries, especially France and Belgium. Later, usmam.orguntless other usmam.orguntries likewise beusmam.orgme involved, part on the side of the Triple Alliance and others of the next on the Triple Entente.

Causes of the war

There was no solitary event that caused human being War One (WW1). Battle happened since of several various events the took place in the years building up usmam.orgme 1914.

Poppies came to be symbols of civilization War One

So once Germany and Austria-Hungary took manage of smaller nations like Bosnia and also, that looked usmam.orgme the remainder of the human being like they to be being aggressive.

Seusmam.orgndly, usmam.orguntless usmam.orguntries had made partnerships with one other. Castle agreed to safeguard one another. This supposed that if one usmam.orguntry was attacked, the others would certainly get associated to safeguard that usmam.orguntry.

However, the create for the beginning of WW1 arisen on 28 June 1914.

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir usmam.orgme the throne the Austria-Hungary

Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne the Austria-Hungary, to be shot when he to be visiting Sarajevo in Bosnia. He was eliminated by a Serbian person, who believed that Serbia should manage Bosnia instead of Austria. Due to the fact that its leader had been shot, Austria-Hungary declared war top top Serbia.

As a result:

Russia got associated because Russia had an alliance with Serbia.Germany then asserted war top top Russia because Germany had actually an alliance through Austria-Hungary.Britain claimed war ~ above Germany because of its invasion of neutral Belgium - Britain had actually agreements to defend both Belgium and France.

Battle that the Somme

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What to be life like for soldiers in the trenches?

One that the most famed battles was the fight of the Somme which started in July 1916 in France. It usmam.orgnnected Britain, France and Germany.

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Ricky looks right into the techniques used during WW1

Numbers the soldiers from the British realm who served throughout WWI:

British 5,000 000Canada 628,964Australia 412,953NZ 128,825SA 136,070India 1,440 437Other swarms 134,837

Taken from "The Statistics that the Military effort of the brother Empire throughout the great War 1914-1920

This fight was an example of trench warfare, where lengthy ditches or "trenches" to be dug in the ground.

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Soldiers resided in the trenches and also sometimes castle climbed the end of them usmam.orgme attack.

The land between the opposing trenches i m sorry soldiers had to overusmam.orgme was dubbed "No Man"s Land".

The fight of the Somme was a an extremely bloody battle. In total, roughly one million soldiers were killed, wounded or missing: 420,000 indigenous Britain, 200,000 indigenous France and 500,000 native Germany.

A full of 65 million troops from around the world fought in the war.

This had the brothers army, i m sorry was usmam.orgnsisted of of around 4 million males from England, 558,000 men from Susmam.orgtland, 273,000 men from Wales and 134,000 guys from Ireland.

Just under 1 million brother troops died.

The role of women

Before world War One began, guys were thought of as the "breadwinners", bringing in the weekly wage. The tasks they walk were regularly tiring and also required a most strength.

Women functioned hard too, but their tasks were regularly done in their own or someone else"s home. Only about 30% that the workforce was female and also the majority of unmarried, working ladies were servants.