“Put your Head on mine Shoulder” is just one of the most cherished love songs of all time. Paul Anka wrote and recorded that in 1959, in ~ the elevation of his call – gift the many successful teenage-singer of the ’50s who wrote his very own song. He had been a star for two years, having actually a No. 1 hit with “Diana” in 1957.

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Like his ahead hits, “Put your Head on my Shoulder” recorded the coy tenderness of the 1950’s teenage popular culture. Anka’s impetus came from his fans, who he would notice in the audience throughout his performances.

“I was very much aware of the ambiance of these document hops…that was a room full of kids, and a lot of ballads and everyone was holding every other, and also I to be up there singing follow me to all of these teenagers, and everybody’s head was on every other’s shoulders,” Anka said. “It was sort of important back in the ’50s, a time that innocence and also romance…”

However, he never heard a tune that expressed together feeling, “so one night ns went earlier to mine hotel room and wrote ‘Put your Head on my Shoulder."”

“Put her head on mine shoulder. Hold me in her arms, baby. To express me oh-so-tight. Show me that you love me too. Placed your lips beside mine, dear. Won’t girlfriend kiss me once, baby? simply a kiss goodnight, probably you and also I will autumn in love,” the track goes.

The tune Was Well-Received by Its Listeners

“Put her Head on mine Shoulder” reached No. 2 top top Billboard’s warm 100 chart. Nine years later, the track was again renowned at No. 44 on the charts v The Lettermen’s 1968 rendition. Canadian singer Michael Bublé – who started as Anka’s protégé – also covered “Put your Head on my Shoulder” ~ above his widely effective self-titled debut album in 2003.

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But nobody walk it far better than Paul Anka. The music legend started being among the greatest teen idols that the so late ’50s. Through 1961, as soon as the teen idol craze began to cool off, Anka might boast of the end 125 compositions under his belt, and also his very own record label referred to as Spanka, and the acknowledgment of being behind the second-best-selling solitary of all time. Yet instead of resting on his laurels, Anka relocated to the adult sphere and became a successful performer, songwriter, recording artist, and also music businessman staying so well right into the new millennium.

Tune in below for his breathtaking power of “Put your Head on mine Shoulder.”