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"Chain hang Low" is a hip-hop track by American rapper Jibbs. It was the debut single off his debut album Jibbs featuring Jibbs. It supplies a sample of the children"s song "Do Your ears Hang Low?". "Chain cave Low" peaked in ~ number 7 ~ above Billboard warm 100, his only top 40 fight on that chart. It likewise reached number 6 and also 16 top top the Billboard hot Rap Songs and also Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs charts respectively and charted in countries like Ireland and new Zealand. The tune went on to rack up more than 20,000 ringtone download in a expectancy of two weeks. The song reached number 50 top top Complex"s perform of the 100 finest hip-hop one-hit wonders.more »

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(Do your chain cave low?Do it wobble come da flow?Do it shine in the light?Is that platinum, is it gold?Could you throw it over ya shoulder?If ya hot, it make ya coldDo her chain hang low?)Is the your chain?"Bout twenty-four customs is how low ns let the hangHow "bout the ride "n permit the diamonds smoke turn off the variety Just by the chain you can tell the large kid do a thang You know the nameIs the yo" chain?"Bout twenty-four inch is just how low i let it hangHow "bout the journey "n allow the diamonds smoke turn off the rangeJust by the chain you can tell the big kid carry out a stain I"m off the chainYeah, yeah, yeah, yes I"m hot, kidChain"s so short you would certainly think the diamonds never ever stop it and it"s funny "cause you might never prevent itA bunch of rocks on mine hand "n ns ain"t also on the block yet display "em white gold, sorta host "em choose my Tim"s and also a chain cave twenty-four inches choose the rims Diamonds all blown up, yeah, sorta like a pimp So when I prefer hit the ice It start glistenin" turn off the Tims (off the Tims) mine chain hang every it execute is blang, blang have actually blue, have red favor my diamonds corridor bang and don" even think we on tha exact same thing My charm so hefty that my neck don"t choose it (Chain)Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I"m therefore icy (Do yo" chain) mine charm"s so hefty that mine neck don"t prefer it (Do yo" chain)Go no, no, no, no is not a game, kid (Do yo" chain)"Cause i throw mine chain in the group (Do, do, do, do, do, perform yo" chain) prefer game, B Is nothin"Diamonds is nothin" come me (Do yo chain) especially when I"m dressin" up Is just a switch to me Bling! (Could you throw it over yo" shoulda)and not to mention my teeth "Cause they shade coordinated Complimentin" the this Oh, boy, dat"s! So check out my swag Diamonds red, white "n blue prefer the American flag Boy, (Do yo" chain) is so vivid And, see, I obtained that nice screen My money I invest on jewels I contact it my ice cream cream (Chain, chain, chain, chain) my music give you a black color eye "Cause that the beating they think i am a mutant The way a young is beasting (Chain, chain, chain, chain) ns stay when "n at some time you a speak to it cheating Yeah, mine boys always around choose is a meetingIs that yo" (Do yo chain) chain?"Bout twenty-four inches is just how low i let it cave (Do yo" chain) how "bout the journey "n permit the diamonds smoke off the variety (Do yo" chain) just by the chain you deserve to tell a big kid do a stain (Do yo" chain) You recognize da name (Do, do, do, do, do, do, perform yo" chain) Is the yo chain?"Bout twenty-four inches is exactly how low i let it hang (Do yo chain) how "bout the ride "n allow the diamonds smoke turn off the range (Do yo" chain) just by the chain you have the right to tell a huge kid carry out a stain (Do yo" chain) I"m off the chain (Do, do, do, do, do, do, execute yo" chain)

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Jibbs Jovan Campbell (born November 13, 1990), far better known by his phase name Jibbs, is one American rapper. He to be born in Chicago, Illinois, yet raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He had actually one height ten solitary on the Billboard hot 100, which was his debut single "Chain hang Low". Jibbs" just other tune that charted ~ above the Billboard warm 100 is "King Kong" (featuring Chamillionaire). More »