During the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, Sheriff Forbes to be concerned around the death of Elena’s parents, and also it to be still an open case. It seems that they’ve fixed it, but is it really that simple?

Before sheriff Forbes left her project for the last time, she was established to deal with the instance of Elena’s parents’ death. After every those years the situation was tho open and she wanted to make certain she could shot to resolve that before she died. For those the you that don’t remember the case and why it was reopened, below are the details:

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There were number of things around the accident that appeared unorthodox: The trunk to be filled through luggage together if Elena’s parents to be planning on leave town, the course they took (Wickery Bridge) was 10 minutes slower 보다 if they’d taken Old Mills Road, and also there to be no skid clues on the leg that imply Elena’s dad had actually braked, meaning it looks together if they just careened turn off the bridge without even trying come stop. Add to there’s the fact that both Damon and Stefan just happened to it is in in city that night.

It all sounds so sketch, right? and not only does the sound sketch, however why bring up this situation with such scrutiny if it had actually no prestige whatsoever because that the future? us think that this instance being re-opened and also investigated can hint at the opportunity of Elena’s parents being lively — or rather dead, due to the fact that they’d most likely be vampires. Or at the an extremely least, this instance is going to it is in a huge component of season 7’s over-arcing plot.

Yes, Damon and Liz addressed the case relatively easily, yet it’s nearly too coincidental. Two hours prior to the accident, Miranda Gilbert called Liz speak she had something immediate for her, yet Jeremy reveals the the contact was simply a joke due to the fact that his mom captured him cigarette smoking pot and also called the sheriff to fear him. The plays out simply fine, yet what around the various other stuff?


Damon describes that there was a huge storm in town that night/the night before, therefore that’s why there was so much luggage packed in the Gilberts’ auto — they wanted to invest the weekend at their cabin to stop it. He also reveals the a downed power line to be blocking Old Mills Road, which is why they take it Wickery Bridge, and there to be no skid marks since the roadways were so slippery from the rain. It every ties up perfect — a small too perfectly.

You can say they brought this up due to the fact that they wanted to display how lot the sheriff cared about Elena and also wanted someone to reprimand for she parents’ death, but it appears so…random to bring it up now.

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Elena’s parents have to return for season 7

Okay, we have the right to imagine a lot of people grunting or refusing this as a plot concept, however hear united state out. Through sheriff Forbes the end of the picture, the only adult left in Elena’s life is Alaric. Alaric is amazing, and we certainly don’t check out him dying any type of time soon, but we think that since season 7 is currently green lit, climate this would certainly be one hell the a course it can go.

Plus, this enables us to discover some deeper drama than just doppleganger magic or purgatory/Other next business. Damon gift Damon, us imagine that he’d simplified things for the sheriff so that she can rest easy and die in peace. We can absolutely imagine that going approximately Stefan or Alaric with the realization the something superordinary was behind Elena’s accident, and her parents might be alive.

With all of the terrible things happening come the children in Mystic Falls, bringing ago Elena’s parents would actually bring joy and happiness… ~ the disappointment, confusion and anger that would come through the realization castle were alive all this time.

Even if bringing Elena’s parents earlier is unrealistic, we mean this accident to come up again. Possibly someone supernatural was ~ Elena since she to be the doppleganger, and also her parents knew this and tried to acquire her out of city to conserve her, just to dice in the process.

Regardless of what happens next season, we definitely foresee this accident playing a huge part and hope that Elena’s parental return in some kind of flashback in ~ the very least.