H.J. Heinz create a new "Dip and also Squeeze" ketchup packet. It will certainly be available later this year in ~ Wendy"s.

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H.J. Heinz


developed a new "Dip and also Squeeze" ketchup packet that will be available later this year at


(WEN) - obtain Wendy's agency Report


The brand-new ketchup packet, a replacement for the classic rectangular-shaped packet, deserve to be squeezed out with one end or the lid have the right to be peeled back for dipping.


(MCD) - obtain McDonald's corporation (MCD) Report


Burger King

are testing the packets however declined to talk about the results for

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The wall surface Street Journal


Heinz invested three years emerging the brand-new packet, according to the newspaper.

Smaller outlets favor Chick-fil-A and Dairy Queen began carrying the packets previously this year.

Wendy's on Monday unveiled a new hamburger -- Dave's warm 'N Juicy, i beg your pardon is named after Wendy's so late founder Dave Thomas.

Among changes to the burger space extra cheese, a more thick beef patty and a buttered bun. It will be served in restaurants beginning Monday, follow to

The associated Press


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Wendy's hadn't adjusted its burger due to the fact that the chain began in 1969,

"Our food was already good," stated Denny Lynch, a Wendy's spokesman. "We want it to be better. Isn't the what long-term brands do? they reinvent themselves."

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