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The protagonist in Freak the Mighty is in reality the amalgamation of two characters: Max and also Kevin. Kevin, the course, is the small, intelligent child with plenty of birth defects who constantly puts himself into imaginary people in bespeak to acquire by. Max is the large, strong boy who has actually Kenny...

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The protagonist in Freak the Mighty is actually the amalgamation of two characters: Max and Kevin. Kevin, the course, is the small, intelligent kid with many birth defects who always puts himself into imaginary worlds in stimulate to gain by. Max is the large, strong boy who has Kenny "Killer" Kane together a father and is constantly accused of having actually less than median intelligence. With each other they consist of the protagonist: Freak the Mighty. (The two develop this term when Max puts Kevin top top his ago in order come escape their very first small conflict versus Tony"s gang.) Although there are numerous smaller disputes in the book, the two significant ones are debated below.

The an initial conflict of keep in mind is the of Freak the Mighty vs. Kevin"s deformity. The 2 combat this concern through the development of their dual character, "Freak the Mighty." because that example, as Max and Kevin try to escape from Tony D. And his gang (which is just one of the smaller disputes in the book), we deserve to see the development of the double character the Freak the Mighty. Max put Kevin on his back in order to aid him gain around. With each other (with Kevin"s brain and Max"s brawn), the 2 escape Tony D. And also do numerous things.

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Another important dispute of keep in mind is in between Freak the Mighty and also the villain of the novel. Ns would speak to this problem Freak the Mighty vs. Max"s father. The darkness that Kenny "Killer" Kane envelopes the entire novel, yet comes to a head near the end when Kenny kidnaps Max on Christmas Eve. Through the help of both Loretta Lee (who cut Max free) and also Kevin (who squirts Kenny with "acid"), Max is freed from his predicament. Together a result, Kenny "Killer" Kane is put back in jail where he belongs.