Protagonist/Antagonist:The Protagonist in The Maze Runner is Thomas. Cutting board is the key character in the book. The faces numerous problems v out the story. His score is to gain out of the maze and to try and aid everyone at the exact same time. He conserves a few people indigenous death and also shows everyone that some of the things they believed were impossible and also hopeless were actually possible and could be done. The others to be amazed by these things so they trust him more.The Antagonist that the story is the maze. The maze that they room all trapped in is keeping them from gift able come leave and also go home. They thought the maze was solvable but after 2 years of browsing they realized it was no possible. Until Thomas realized there is a way out the the maze and shutting under the grievers and that was the griever hole.

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Character Explanations:Thomas is a round and also static character. We know a lot around Thomas due to the fact that he is the main character and the publication follows his suggest of watch the entirety time so we know everything that he was doing. The is also a static character because he is sent out to the glade to aid the gladers escape the maze. Through the finish of the publication he is still help the gladers in every method he can even after they leave the maze. Another character is Teresa. She is a round and static character additionally because she is not a main character however you still know a lot about her because she talks to thomas all the time so you understand her well. She is static due to the fact that she come to aid the gladers come up with a way to escape as with Thomas and also that is what she did. Teresa walk not adjust through out the story. Alby is one more character and also he is a flat and also dynamic. Alby to be the leader the the glade however you walk not know much around him since he did not talk about himself. He additionally at an initial did no trust a newbie with alldifferenttypes the information. However later the let Thomas obtain to know more than most people in the glade. Newt was another character that was also static and dynamic. We did recognize some about Newt however really sufficient to say us knew the well. He thought that things might not really change around they due to the fact that they were so an excellent but whenThomascame he changed his mind around that and permitted Thomas to adjust a lot come the glade. Finally there was a character called Minho he to be flat and also dynamic also.

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Us did not recognize much much more than the reality that he remained in charge that the runners. At very first he thought a the majority of things were impossible to do however when cutting board was trapped in the maze with him and also they lived with the night he readjusted his mind about that and also even want to offer up his clues on theconsul come Thomas.