Evie is Steve Randle"s girlfriend. She"s a behind-the-scenes character who doesn"t it seems ~ to affect the plot or affect the final outcome the the story in any type of way.

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Click to see complete answer. In this way, who Is Sylvia in the outsiders?

Sylvia. Sylvia is Dally"s ex-girlfriend who cheated on him while he was in prison in ~ the start of the novel. She does no make an figure in the movie, however she is mentioned by Dally near the beginning.

Also, who is the many heroic character in the outsiders? Ponyboy Curtis

keeping this in view, to be Sandy pregnant in the outsiders?

among the Curtis brothers in S. E. Hinton"s novel, The Outsiders, Sodapop was in love through his girlfriend, Sandy. Apparently, Sandy i do not care pregnant, and also she moves to Florida to live with her grandparents. Soda proposes marriage to her, yet Sandy transforms him under (or provides him no answer).

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Who is related in the outsiders?

They include Ponyboy Curtis and also his 2 older brothers, Sodapop and Darrel, as well as Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Two-Bit Matthews, and Steve Randle.

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Who is the earliest character in the outsiders?

Darrel Curtis

Who is the oldest greaser in The Outsiders?

Read an in-depth evaluation of Ponyboy Curtis. Darrel Curtis - Ponyboy"s earliest brother. Darrel, known as “Darry,” is a twenty-year-old greaser that is increasing Ponyboy because their parental have died in a vehicle crash. Strong, athletic, and intelligent, Darry has actually quit school.

Is Tim Shepard A SOC or a greaser?

He is Bob"s finest friend and fellow Soc. Tim Shepard A other greaser, however not a member of the main characters" gang. His greaser gang is rougher, and the members are termed "future convicts." that is both Dally"s main rival and also friend.

Who died in outsiders?

At the rumble, the greasers loss the Socs. Dally mirrors up simply in time because that the fight; he has actually escaped from the hospital. ~ the fight, Ponyboy and Dally hurry back to watch Johnny and also find the he is dying. As soon as Johnny dies, Dally loses control and runs from the room in a frenzy.

How did two bit gain his name?

Nickname & description Where walk he obtain his name? His real name is Keith, but no one ever remembers that. He got his name because he refuses to shut his mouth. Two-Bit "always has actually to obtain his two-bits in," recalls Ponyboy, the novel"s narrator.

How old is sodapop Curtis?

He"s the many sensitive that the greasers (besides Johnny), and also enjoys analysis books. Sodapop "Soda" Curtis: The center Curtis brother, 16 years old, a well-known high institution dropout who works in ~ a gas station.

How old is cherry in the outsiders?

16 year old

How old was ponyboy when his parents died?

Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year-old young whose human being has been turned upside down. His parental were killed in an automobile accident simply eight months prior to The Outsiders story take away place. He stays with his oldest brother, Darry, that is twenty years old and also has legit custody the him and his other brother, Sodapop, that is 16.

Does sodapop die?

As love breaking as it seems, we need to remember Sodapop is only a charecter in this book. No actual person died.

Who is the father of Sandy"s baby?

Sandy is a previous friend of climbed ,Simon Camden ,Ruthie Camden and also Lucy Camden. If Sandy was pregnant she chose to become a christian and after the birth of her child she wanted to come to be a minister . She ended up being friends with her baby"s father Martin Brewer .

What is Johnny Cade"s full name?

Johnny"s killing of the Soc, Bob Sheldon, and his very own eventual death both serve as critical turning points because that the plot that the story. Johnny Cade. Johnny full Name Johnny Cade birthday March 1 age 16 Affiliation Greaser

Did Sandy have actually babies?

Does sandy have actually kids? No. Those space her neices.

What publication does sodapop die in?

The Outsiders

Who is sodapop in love with?

Like his brother Darrel, he"s fashion-plate handsome, and also since he"s a Curtis, he"s smart, athletic, and hardworking come boot. In comparison to Ponyboy"s conflicted emotions regarding Darry, Pony"s feelings because that Soda are totally positive. That idolizes and also loves his older brother and sees just how smart he is.
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