Jayfeather’s dream dissolved into darkness together he woke and stretched his jaws in a enormous yawn. His entirety body appeared heavy, and also when he sat up in his swarm he felt together though ivy tendrils to be wrapped around him, dragging him earlier to the ground. The air to be hotter 보다 usual for late newleaf, filled v the scents of prey and also lush eco-friendly growth. Noise filtered with the brambles that screened the medicine cat’s den indigenous the rest of the rock hollow: pawsteps and also the excited murmuring of many cats as they gathered because that the first patrols of the day.

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But Jayfeather couldn’t re-publishing his Clanmates’ excitement. Although a moon had actually passed because he and also his companions had returned from their visit to the Tribe, that felt cold and bleak inside. His head was full of images of mountains, unlimited snow-covered peaks stretching right into the distance, outlined crisply against an ice-blue sky. His belly cramped v pain together he recalled one details image: a white cat with environment-friendly eyes who provided him a long, sorrowful look prior to she rotate away and padded along a cliff top above a thundering waterfall.

Jayfeather shook his head. What’s the matter with me? that was every a long, lengthy time ago. My life has always been below with the Clans. So why perform I feel together if something has actually been lost?

“Hi, Jayfeather.” Briarlight’s voice had a muffled, echoing sound, and also Jayfeather establish she must have her head within the cleft where he save his herbs. “You’re awake in ~ last.”

Jayfeather replied with a grunt. Briarlight was an additional of his problems. He couldn’t forget what Lionblaze had told him as soon as he went back to the mountains: exactly how Briarlight to be so irritable by gift confined to the hollow, trapped by her damaged hindlegs, the she’d convinced her brothers Bumblestripe to lug her into the woodland to look because that herbs.

“There to be a dog to run loose,” Lionblaze had told him. “A cat with four functioning foot would have actually been hard-pressed come outrun it. If it hadn’t been because that me and also Toadstep luring that away, Briarlight would have been torn to pieces.”

“Mouse-brain!” Jayfeather snapped. “Why would she put herself in hazard like that?”

“Because she’s persuaded that she’s useless,” Lionblaze explained. “Can’t you give her more to do? Cinderheart and I promised her we’d assist her discover a proper part to play in the life that the Clan.”

“You had no best to promise she anything there is no speaking come me first,” Jayfeather retorted. “Are you arguing I take her together my apprentice? since I don’t desire an apprentice!”

“That’s no what i meant,” Lionblaze meowed, his tail-tip twitching in annoyance. “But you could find an ext interesting duties because that her, couldn’t you?”

Still reluctant, Jayfeather had actually done as his brothers asked. He had to admit that Briarlight was simple to teach. She had been grounding in the medicine cat’s den for so long that she had currently picked increase a lot.

She’s in reality useful, that mused. Her paws space neat and also quick as soon as she kinds the herbs, and she’s good at soaking wilted leaves in the swimming pool without letting them fall to pieces.

“Jayfeather?” Briarlight’s voice roused Jayfeather from his thoughts. The heard she wriggling around, and also then she voice come more plainly as if she to be poking she head the end of the cleft. “Are girlfriend okay? You were tossing and turning all night.”

“I’m fine,” Jayfeather muttered, unwilling to dwell any kind of longer ~ above the dreams that had plagued him.

“We’re running low on marigold,” Briarlight walk on. “We offered up a lot of on Dovewing’s scratches as soon as you got ago from the mountains. Have to I ask Brightheart come collect some more?”

“No, I’ll go,” Jayfeather muttered.

“Fine.” Briarlight’s voice was determinedly cheerful. “I’ll gain on with sorting the herbs. Oh, one more thing...”

Jayfeather heard the young she-cat dragging herself throughout the floor that the den until she got to his nest and also pushed something toward him. “Could you litter this the end on your way past the dirtplace?” she asked. “It was stuck in ~ the earlier of the herb store.”

Jayfeather stretched out his neck until his sleep touched a tuft of fur with a few dried scraps of sheet dusted ~ above it. That stiffened together he recognized the pass out scent the clung to it.

“Who would have actually put one old usmam.orgt that fur amongst the herbs?” Briarlight continued. “It have to have remained in there because that ages. Ns don’t identify the scent or color.”

For a minute Jayfeather didn’t reply. The breathed in his lost sister’s scent, overwhelmed by longing because that the time as soon as he and Hollyleaf and also Lionblaze had actually played and also trained together, before they knew anything around the prophecy, before they learned how Squirrelflight and also Leafpool had lied to them.

I don’t know just how Hollyleaf’s fur got into the store, that thought, but I should have thrown that out when I an initial found that there, not left it for one more cat come find.

“I wonder where it came from,” Briarlight meowed. “Maybe a cat from an additional Clan acquired in here to steal herbs.” She stifled a mrrow the laughter. “Maybe the kits acquired in and hid it.”

“How would I know?” Jayfeather snapped, irritated at being jerked the end of his memories. “You should stop letting your imagination run away through you.”

Turning so the Briarlight couldn’t check out what he to be doing, that tucked the scrap of fur deep inside the moss the his nest, and also rose to his paws. “I’m going to fetch the marigold,” he mewed, and headed the end of the den.

Before he had actually taken half a dozen pawsteps right into the clearing, Bumblestripe’s odor washed end him together the young tom bounded up. “I was coming to view you,” Bumblestripe blurted out. “I’m really worried around Dovewing.”

“Why? What’s the matter? she scratches have actually healed, haven’t they?”

“It’s not that. She keeps having poor dreams—she had another one last night. She woke up screeching, and she to be muttering around giant usmam.orgrds and snow.”

Jayfeather struggled come suppress a stab that impatience. I understand how negative it must have been, watching Swoop brought off by the eagle. However Dovewing needs to be stronger than this.

“How execute you know about it?” he asked Bumblestripe.

“There’s a leak in the warriors’ den right above my nest,” the young tom replied. “And there’s no much more room in there, for this reason I thought I’d invest a couple of nights in the apprentices’ den v Dovewing and also Ivypool. And every night Dovewing has these dreadful dreams. Room there any type of herbs the can assist her?”

Jayfeather choose up tide of deep anxiety rolling turn off Bumblestripe. “There space no herbs that deserve to take far memories,” he meowed. “You just need to learn to live through them.” Don’t we all? he added silently.

“But—” Bumblestripe began.

Brambleclaw’s voice rang out across the clearing, cutting throughout his protest. “Hey, Bumblestripe! You’re an alleged to be on searching patrol. Sorreltail’s waiting.”

“Okay!” Bumblestripe referred to as back. “Coming! Bye, Jayfeather!” he bounded away.

Jayfeather headed toward the apprentices’ den, where Dovewing and Ivypool were sleeping due to the fact that the warriors’ den was so crowded, just to halt once he realized that Brambleclaw had acquired there front of him.

“Ivypool, Dovewing, wake up!” the ThunderClan deputy yowled, difficult his head into the den. “You’ve overslept again.”

Jayfeather heard muffled mews the protest; a couple of heartbeats later on the two she-cats staggered into the open.

“You look dreadful!” Brambleclaw meowed, annoyance in his tone. “I’ve never seen together messy fur! have actually you been searching at night?”

Though Jayfeather couldn’t view them, his twitching sleep picked increase dusty, ruffled fur, and he can sense echoes of fear coming native both cats. The knew really well why their sleep had been disturbed. Bumblestripe had actually just told him about Dovewing’s troubled dreams, while each night Ivypool to be visiting the Dark Forest, training through the cats who had been spurned by StarClan.

I great she’d call me much more about what wake up there, Jayfeather thought. But no—she just says that she’ll allow me understand when there’s anything essential to report.

“Why don’t I check them out in mine den?” he said to Brambleclaw, hoping for the possibility to obtain some information out that the 2 she-cats in private. “Maybe they’re coming down through something...”

Jayfeather’s voice trailed off as he realized that no cat to be listening to him. As he was speaking, the swift patter of paws announced the come of Whitewing.

“Brambleclaw, don’t get angry through them!” she meowed. “They’re working so hard, currently that us don’t have any apprentices.” She paused, climate added, “I’ll help them through their duties today.”

“I require you to walk on border patrol,” Brambleclaw told her.

“And I need to stay below with my daughters,” Whitewing retorted. “Some other cat have the right to go top top border patrol rather of me.”

Brambleclaw offered a disapproving sniff. “Fine,” he muttered, and also stalked away.

“Now, tidy yourselves up,” Whitewing go on, rasping she tongue busily over Ivypool’s ears.

“Get off me!” Ivypool protested. “I’m not a kit!”

“You’ll constantly be mine kit,” Whitewing told her, turning to offer the very same brisk licks come Dovewing, who jumped back and exclaimed, “Stop! I’m a warrior! I deserve to do my own fur!”

“Then prove it. We should fetch moss because that the elders’ bedding,” Whitewing went on together her daughters gave themselves a rapid grooming. “And because that StarClan’s benefits make sure there room no mandrel in Purdy’s, or we’ll never ever hear the end of it. Come on!”

She bustled them toward the camp entrance, but before they got to the mandrel tunnel Firestar appeared at the head that the dawn patrol. Jayfeather’s sleep was flooded through the scents of his Clanmates. Brambleclaw bounded across the clearing to satisfy them, with Dustpelt, Cloudtail, and also Brightheart hard on his paws. Foxleap increased his head native the fresh-kill pile, a computer mouse dangling indigenous his jaws, while Berrynose strode importantly approximately the patrol, followed much more slowly through Leafpool and also Squirrelflight.

Molekit and also Cherrykit burst the end of the nursery, scampered out right into the clearing, and also hurled us at Berrynose’s paws, tripping him.

“Careful!” he murmured, recovering his balance and also sweeping his tail roughly the 2 excited kits.

Berrynose have the right to be a actual pain in the tail, Jayfeather pondered. How come he’s such a good father?

“Is ShadowClan attacking?” Molekit squeaked. “Can we go and fight?”

“I’ve learned a really great move!” Cherrykit exclaimed, pouncing top top a leaf and also shredding it v her tiny claws.

“Of course you can’t fight!” Poppyfrost panted as she caught up to her kits. “You’re not even apprentices yet!”

Brambleclaw skirted the kits and halted in front of his Clan leader. “Any news?” he asked.

“No, everything’s quiet,” Firestar responded together Jayfeather padded over to listen. “It looks as if all the Clans space at tranquility with one another.”

“Right,” Thornclaw agreed; the tabby tom had complied with Firestar right into the camp. “There to be no proof that one of two people WindClan or ShadowClan had been almost everywhere near the borders, except to renew the odor markers.”

“That’s great news!” Brightheart exclaimed.

Jayfeather wasn’t for this reason sure. That knew that the Clans were keeping to themselves because of the deep divisions within StarClan along Clan boundaries. Every the warrior ancestors to be warning every cat to remain apart native the various other Clans, to trust none however their Clanmates, and also prepare because that something devastating that lay later like storm clouds ~ above the horizon.

At the very least ThunderClan has the three cats pointed out in the prophecy, Jayfeather thought. There will certainly be three, kin of your kin, with the power of the stars in their paws. Me, Lionblaze, and also Dovewing, all in the very same Clan. That need to make us safer, right?

He flexed his paws. After his sleepless night they didn’t feel particularly powerful, however at the very least they would lug him as much as the patch of marigold above the hollow. Climate he remembered the various other prophecy, indigenous the people of countless Hunting barely fifty percent a moon before. For a moment Jayfeather was plunged earlier to the dark, windswept mountaintop, surrounded by dead cats who fixed their luminous eyes on him. As soon as again he seemed to hear the whispers of a long, lengthy line that Stonetellers.

The end of the stars color etc near. Three must become four to challenge the darkness that lasts forever.

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Rousing native the trance, Jayfeather to be once much more aware of the sounds and also scents the the camp approximately him.

How are we going to acknowledge the 4th cat? We had actually enough difficulties finding the very first three. And also this brand-new prophecy says nothing about Firestar’s kin. Jayfeather usmam.orgt back a hiss of frustration. It can be any kind of cat from the Clans!