U.S. Marines and also Sailors with first Battalion, 8th marine Regiment (V18), 2d maritime Division, are awarded through the French Fourragere throughout a French Fourragere dedication awareness on Camp Lejeune, phibìc Carolina, Nov. 25, 2020. (photo through Lance Cpl. Jennifer E. Reyes, naval Corps)
Marines from 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, to be awarded the French Fourragere ~ above Wednesday, together the battalion now comes under the command the the sixth Marine Regiment.

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The Fourragere to be awarded to fifth and 6th Marines in 1918 because that participation in human being War I, from Belleau wood to Château-Thierry. Due to the fact that then Marines assigned come the two regiments have actually worn the green braided rope over their shoulder in their service and also dress blue uniforms.

The battalion was carried under command of 6th Marines as component of the marine Corps’ brand-new force style changes.

“It’s an honor that i don’t think lock (the Marines and also Sailors in first Bn., 8th Marines) realize, but they will know the size of what it way to wear the rope around their arm as soon as they understand the background and family tree of wherein others came from,” master Gunnery Sgt. Shawn E. Hughes, battalion to work chief because that 1/8, stated in a marine Corps press release.


These room the Marines who passed away at Belleau WoodThe two Marines waited to sign up with the assault until the 3rd wave was launched, as soon as they marched side-by-side right into the German machine-gun fire.
Hughes first received the honor in 1997 as soon as he was a young maritime assigned come 3/5, follow to the release.

“I wasn’t certain what it was about, yet once I check out the history behind the French Fourragere, it to be phenomenal, (and) astounding what the Marines go through during WWI in the trenches the Belleau Wood,” Hughes said in the release.

As component of the relocate to a lighter, smaller sized and more mobile pressure in ready for a war versus a near-peer opponent, the marine Corps has reduced one infantry regiment, to leave a complete of seven regiments.

“This battalion-sized enhancement to sixth Marine Regiment signifies a visible adjust to the challenge of 2d MARDIV fighting units,” the press release said.

For Hughe, the awarding of the French Fourragere and also the history behind the braid is a reminder of what the naval Corps stand for.

“It’s about an ext than me, it’s around the institution and also the marine to the left and right that them,” Hughes said in the release.


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