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Anyone have actually an idea how much a collection (2) mobile house axles are worth? They would certainly be through tires and also springs (some sort of brakes on them also).

If they run the clamp on format rim check the state law on making use of them various other than for their intended purpose. I"ve to be told the they are not legit to use on anything other than to move mobile homes.Back in the beforehand 90"s I used to make energy trailers because that customers making use of these axles, $100 a item at the time.

we run them for our mudtruck trailors.....none of the gotmud crew has had any problems the I"m awaire of......But they are tech Illegal to use...About $100-150 every axle.....and friend can get $20 each the end of a "good" tire and clamp format rim....Hope that helps....If you desire to deliver to the lapper area.....I can eliminate them because that ya....i might even to buy the tires....Let me know.....what you have actually isnt junk..........unless the " is " junk. :tonka:

I don"t have them, but a neighborhood guy has actually them top top the side of a road for $200...they space clamp style rim ( i think) and they have a set of ok tires top top them...the axles likewise have springs ~ above them...and a regional guy said me that dot doesn"t prefer you to run these ~ above the road, together they are made for only 1 trip....

i have actually them on my trailer. No brakes yet works good for brief hauls. I continue to be in michigan/indiana area. Never ever been pulled over however that dont make it legal therefore you can want to check into that reason i dont understand the specifically, of it.
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I helped provide mobile residences the summer after ~ I i graduated college. You space lucky to gain the thing from the factory and also delivered come the homesite prior to the axles fail. They space made for single use. They must NOT be supplied as trailer axles. Some civilization get away through it because that years, but they simply are not designed for that.
I to buy mine for my trailer at grandfather Trailer in Waterford.. They space 3500lb axles and also I paid about 200 a piece.. That was there is no brakes though.. But the brakes wern"t that expensive.. Just a thought..
they room intended for 1 time use, yet for moving a friggin house. We had a set on ours old trailer we supplied weekly for hauling hay for 20 years and then simply cars and also stuff ~ the farm was sold. Ns think ns remember mine dad also greasing the bearings once on it. However yeah technically they space illegal. Through the way after 26 or so years that trailer tho towed better on the highway 보다 my brand-new car hauler.
So, as soon as that cheap axle flies apart ~ above the highway, who execute you think is responsible for making use of illegal axles for things they were never ever designed to do? carry out you think your insurance firm would foot the bill? friend may acquire lucky and the investigator will have no clue. Trailer axles space cheap. If friend can"t bought a decent collection of axles, friend can"t purchased to be in this hobby. Go acquire some postage stamps and a pretty tiny binder.
When her hauling a trailer make stops and also do a go around. Perform a intuitive on the whole trailer feather for noticeable problems. Once a job look at the insides of the tires to see if the seals space leaking. You must see grease residue top top the within of the tire/rim if lock are. Feel the tires and the hubs for heat. The tires must be warm and also mostly all feeling the same temp. The hubs have to not be warm at all and also again every the exact same temp. If you have actually a bad bearing you may have the ability to detect that early prior to it fails. Warm is what kills a many trailer tires. Warmth is generally the an outcome of low tire pressure. I would certainly recommend using this inspection method for all trailers, new, old, semi, house, and also any kind axles.I don"t think that house trailer axles space illegal. From what I know FET has actually not to be paid ~ above the tires. If friend look ~ above the side wall surfaces there is a warning around this.If you acquire house trailer axles traction the hubs and check the bearings and seal. Make sure every little thing is greased properly.

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