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In Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief , Luke Castellan is the boy of one of the gods: Hermes. Together a charming, likable, and also seemingly upstanding boy through a talent because that wielding a sword, Luke seems like the last human to have an evil side. Nonetheless, that is...

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In Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Luke Castellan is the child of one of the gods: Hermes. As a charming, likable, and seemingly upstanding boy with a talent because that wielding a sword, Luke seems prefer the last human being to have an evil side. Nonetheless, that is revealed at the end of the novel the Luke has end up being a maid of Kronos and has served as the motivating force behind lot of the conflict of the narrative. 

After being sent on a pursuit by Hermes to seek the golden Apple indigenous the tree in the Garden of Hesperides, Luke finds self humiliated. The is at first pleased that his father has actually sent that on such a quest, but he starts to shed confidence in himself when he realizes that Hercules has completed this job previously. Together a result, Luke stops working on the journey and is scratched by the dragon guarding the tree, causing a scar on his face. When he return to Camp Half-Blood, that notices the the other individuals there have begun to pity him. Resentment grow within Luke, that feels the Hermes does not love him. Desperate for revenge, Luke start thinking about destroying Olympus.

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Luke is later on contacted by the lord of the Titans, Kronos, and he join his cause to ruin Olympus. He also begins come work directly on his behalf. Luke is provided the job of steal the Helm the Darkness (the weapon that Hades) and the understand Bolt (the weapon that Zeus) in bespeak to start a war between the gods.

At the end of the novel, that is revealed that Luke does just that if on a ar trip to mount Olympus. Luke explains to Percy that he trust the god are bad leaders who behave irresponsibly and also that they should be dethroned. 

Thus, we deserve to conclude that Luke betrays Camp Half-Blood and also joins pressures with Kronos out of resentment because that his father, out of feelings of shame that the other campers pity him, and out the a should make himself feeling validated and also significant.