When you create a new file in Word, you'll need to know exactly how to save that so girlfriend can access and edit it later. As with previous version of Word, you can save files to her computer.

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If girlfriend prefer, you can also save papers to the cloud using OneDrive. Friend can even export and share documents straight from Word.

Watch the video below come learn how to save and share native documents.

Save and also Save As

Word supplies two methods to save a file: Save and Save As. These choices work in comparable ways, through a few important differences.

Save: as soon as you develop or edit a document, you'll usage the Save command to save your changes. You'll use this command many of the time. As soon as you save a file, you'll only require to select a file name and also location the very first time. After ~ that, you can click the conserve command to conserve it v the exact same name and also location.Save As: You'll usage this command to create a copy the a document while maintaining the original. When you use conserve As, you'll require to choose a different name and/or location for the copied version.About OneDrive

Most functions in Microsoft Office, consisting of Word, space geared toward saving and also sharing files online. This is done with OneDrive, i beg your pardon is an online storage an are for her documents and files. If you desire to use OneDrive, make sure you’re signed in to Word through your Microsoft account. Review our great on understanding OneDrive to learn more.

To conserve a document:

It's important to save your paper whenever you begin a brand-new project or make changes to an existing one. Conserving early and often deserve to prevent your work-related from being lost. You'll likewise need to pay close attention to where you save the record so it will certainly be easy to discover later.

Locate and select the Save command ~ above the Quick Access Toolbar.

If you're saving the paper for the very first time, the save As pane will appear in Backstage view.You'll then require to pick where to save the document and provide it a file name. Click Browse to select a place on her computer. Alternatively, you have the right to click OneDrive to save the document to her OneDrive.

The Save As dialog box will certainly appear. Select the location whereby you desire to conserve the document.Enter a file name for the document, climate click Save.

The record will it is in saved. You can click the Save command again to conserve your changes as you modify the document.

You have the right to also access the Save command by pushing Ctrl+S on her keyboard.

Using Save as to make a copy

If you desire to conserve a different version the a paper while keeping the original, you can develop a copy. Because that example, if you have actually a document named Sales Report, you might save it as Sales Report 2 therefore you'll have the ability to edit the new file and quiet refer ago to the original version.

To perform this, you'll click the save As command in Backstage view. Similar to when conserving a file for the an initial time, you'll need to pick where come save the file and provide it a new document name.


To adjust the default conserve location:

If friend don't desire to usage OneDrive, you may be frustrated that OneDrive is selected together the default location when saving. If you find this inconvenient, girlfriend can change the default save location for this reason This PC is selected by default.

Click the File tab to accessibility Backstage view.

The Word options dialog box will certainly appear. Pick Save ~ above the left, check the box alongside Save to computer by default, then click OK. The default save location will be changed.


Word immediately saves your files to a short-term folder if you room working ~ above them. If you forget to conserve your alters or if indigenous crashes, you have the right to restore the document using AutoRecover.

To use AutoRecover:Open Word. If autosaved versions that a document are found, the Document Recovery pane will appear on the left. Click to open an easily accessible file. The paper will be recovered.

By default, word autosaves every 10 minutes. If you are editing and enhancing a paper for less than 10 minutes, Word might not produce an autosaved version.

If girlfriend don't view the file you need, you deserve to browse all autosaved files from Backstage view. Pick the document tab, click regulate Versions, then choose recover Unsaved Documents.

Exporting documents

By default, Word records are saved in the .docx document type. However, there may be times when you need to use another paper type, such together a PDF or Word 97-2003 document. It's simple to export your paper from Word come a variety of document types.

To export a file as a PDF file:

Exporting your record as an Adobe Acrobat document, commonly known as a PDF file, can be especially valuable if you're share a file with someone who does not have actually Word. A PDF document will do it possible for recipients to view—but no edit—the contents of her document.

Click the File tab to access Backstage view, pick Export, then pick Create PDF/XPS.
The Save together dialog box will appear. Pick the location where you want to violin the document, enter a file name, then click Publish.

If you need to modify a PDF file, Word allows you to convert a PDF record into an editable document. Check out our guide on editing and enhancing PDF records for an ext information.

To export a document to other record types:

You may likewise find it helpful to export your record to other file types, such together a Word 97-2003 Document if you need to share with civilization using an older variation of indigenous or together a .txt file if you require a plain-text version of her document.

Click the File tab to access Backstage view, choose Export, then choose Change document Type.
The Save together dialog box will appear. Select the location whereby you desire to export the document, enter a file name, climate click Save.

You can additionally use the Save as type drop-down food selection in the Save together dialog box to save files to a variety of document types.

Sharing documents

Word makes it basic to share and collaborate on records using OneDrive. In the past, if you wanted to re-superstructure a paper with someone you could send that as an email attachment. When convenient, this system also creates multiple versions that the very same file, which deserve to be difficult to organize.

When you share a file from Word, you're actually offering others access to the exact exact same file. This lets you and the civilization you share v edit the same document without having actually to keep track of multiple versions.

In order to share a document, the must very first be saved to your OneDrive.

To re-publishing a document:Click the File tab to accessibility Backstage view, climate click Share.
The Share pane will appear.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn an ext about different ways to share a document.

Share Options

This pane will readjust depending on which sharing an approach you select. You'll have the ability to choose various choices to manage how you share her presentation.

Share through People

From here, you'll be able to invite others to see or modify a document. Us recommend utilizing this option since it gives you the biggest level that control and also privacy as soon as sharing a document.

Present Online

From here, you deserve to share your document online as a live presentation. Word will certainly generate a connect that others deserve to open in their net browser.

Post come Blog

From here, you can use native to write-up entries directly to your blog if you use one of the supported blogging web page such as SharePoint Blog, WordPress, or Blogger.

Post to Blog

From here, you have the right to use word to short article entries straight to her blog if girlfriend use among the sustained blogging website such together SharePoint Blog, WordPress, or Blogger.

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Use Save As to create a copy that the document. Name the brand-new copy Saving difficulty Practice. You have the right to save it to a folder ~ above your computer or to your OneDrive.Export your document as a PDF.