The price is A. looking at life together a collection of disappointments.Resilience method endurance, and A is the just answer the does not fit in through the others together enduring life.Hope this helps! Brainliest is constantly appreciated!

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<:> - question - <:>Which of these is no a properties pf resilience?<:> - answer - <:>A) Looking at life as a series of disappointment<:> - Explanation/Reasoning - <:> Resilience is the volume to recuperate quickly and also move previous from a tough or an overwhelming situation/scenario. Looking in ~ life as a collection of disappointed is the specific opposite of relocating past the complicated situation. Your mean to acknowledge your mistakes and move previous the challenging spot, no let that shape your world. Recognizing and also controlling her feelings are crucial in life. So are having good communication skills and learning your strengths. A is your answer.

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Part 1)


Part 2) The surface area is or

Part 3) or

Step-by-step explanation:

Part 1) how much material does he must cover the one rectangle-shaped side that the tent through the rip?

we recognize that

The area the a rectangle is same to


we have


substitute the values


Part 2) If David’s dad want to retrieved the totality tent consisting of the bottom, exactly how much material would that need?

we understand that

The surface ar area the a triangle prism (the tent) is equal to



B is the area the the triangle face

P is the perimeter of the triangle face

L is the length of the triangle prism

Find the area that the triangular confront B

Note The elevation of the triangle can not be same to 6 ft. The height of a best triangle can not be same to the hypotenuse. The elevation must it is in calculated by applying Pythagoras theorem