Moles can likewise be figured out from the lot of problem mass and also its molar mass

The inquiry is :

in 2 grams that hydrogen how numerous molecules and how many atoms

mol that Hydrogen - H₂

MW H₂ = 2.01568 u (2 atoms of H)

MW H = 1.00784 u


number that molecules


mol that H


number of atoms


Or a simply method :

1 g the H atoms = 1 mol that H (MW H = 1 g/mol)

2 g the H atoms (in 2 gr H₂) = 2 mole of H

2 g that H₂ molecules = 1 mole that H₂ (MW H₂=2 g/mol)

so in 2 g H₂ there are 6,023.10²³ molecule H₂ and also 2 x 6,023.10²³ atom H

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7 month ago

In what way is a decomposing log in in a forest a microhabitat ? it supports tiny organisms in ~ a habitat, if the forest hou
elixir <45>

A microhabitat is a little or localized ecosystem in a bigger ecosystem wherein a variety of little populations the plants and animals sustain and main a micro-ecosystem.

Rotting or decomposing log in is an example of the microhabitat together it gives food shelter, and various plants and also organisms found and interact to make it one ecosystem. Over there are likewise interactions between biotic and abiotic factors. Countless other characteristics present in this little ecosystem as provided in the question.

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David go shopping v his mom for home renovations supplies. Lock were searching for materials that would certainly conduct electricity.
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this will certainly copper this is correct

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Color change, formation of a precipitation, development of a gas, odor change, temperature change
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What are the two things that characterize the practice of science
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The 2 things space hypothesis and also empirical evidence
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