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Step-by-step explanation:

An inequality must encompass a compare symbol, one of , ≤, ≥. Just choices A and also E have that.

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Choices B and D are equations, not inequalities. Selection C is an expression, neither an equation nor an inequality.

A chip agency has two production plants. Tree A to produce 40% of the chips and also Plant B produces 60% that the chips created by


P(A/D) = 0.5714

Step-by-step explanation:

Let"s contact A the event that a chip is produced by plant A, B the occasion that a chip is developed by tree B and also D the event that the chip is defective

So, the likelihood or probability P(A/D) the a chip come from plant A given that the chip is defective is calculation as:

P(A/D) = P(A∩D)/P(D)

Where P(D) = P(A∩D) + P(B∩D)

Then, the probability P(A∩D) the a chip is produced by tree A and it is defective is calculation as:

P(A∩D) = 0.4*0.02 = 0.008

Because, plant A produce 40% that the chips and 2% of the chips produced by plant A are defective.

At the very same way, the probability P(B∩D) that a chip is created by tree B and also it is defective is calculation as:

P(B∩D) = 0.6*0.01 = 0.006

So, P(D) and also P(A/D) room equal to:

P(D) = 0.008 + 0.006 = 0.014

P(A/D) = 0.008/0.014 = 0.5714

it method that if a randomly chosen chip produced by the agency is defective, the likelihood that the chip come from plant A is 0.5714

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Greye wants to reminder the server at a restaurant an ext than 15%. If Greye’s bill was $30.00 prior to the tip is applied, i m sorry inequal
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Step-by-step explanation:

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A year ago, Leila wanted to purchase a necklace that expense $25.00. This year the very same necklace cost $30.00. What to be the percent incre
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20 %

Step-by-step explanation:

% increase = Increase/Original worth × 100 %


original = $25

This year = $30


boost = This year - original

= 30 - 25

= $5

% boost = 5/25 × 100 %

= 20 %

The percent boost of the price that the necklace to be 20 %.

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The price of renting a sailboat in ~ a lake is $90 per hour add to $14 for lifejackets. Create an equation in slope-intercept kind tha
Korvikt <17>


y = 90x + 14

The steep intercept type is:

y = mx + b

the y in this case is the total cost

the m is the cost per hour (dependant)

the x is the number of hours

the 14 is the included cost the life jackets (independant)

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Compare the two leagues and predict which organization would be an ext likely to victory a game.

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The team indigenous the second league would certainly be more likely to win due to the fact that teams in that organization have more consistent, and mostly greater, numbers of house runs and winning games. Data for groups in the 2nd league also do not show any type of outliers.

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