Electric Field

Magnetic Field

Field angle of Electromagnetic Wave

In the electromagnetic waves, the angle between the electric field and magnetic ar is 90 level or magnetic and also electric areas are perpendicular to each other.

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Direction the Electromagnetic Wave throughout Propagation

The electrical field and also magnetic field is perpendicular come the direction the propagation

Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves


The Electromagnetic wave is having the characteristics of reflection as with the irradiate waves. It means that once electromagnetic tide strike to the surface ar of conducting material, they are reflected back as presented in the given diagram.

Refraction that Electromagnetic Waves


The electromagnetic waves additionally have the characteristics of reflection. It means that once the electromagnetic waves inters indigenous one medium to another, that bends towards the typical or away from the normal while travel in the following medium. As soon as the electromagnetic waves inter kind rare medium to dens medium, it bends towards the normal and also when the electromagnetic inter from dens come rare medium it bends far from the normal.

Intensity the Electromagnetic Waves

The soot of electromagnetic waves relies on the electrical field stamin of the wave. It method that if the field strength the electromagnetic tide is more, that is intensity will certainly be much more and evil versa.The electrical field stamin is measure up in V/m volt every meter. For the microwave it"s measured in micro volt per meter µv/m.

Attenuation that Electromagnetic Waves

When the electromagnetic tide is propagated its energy is wasted while travelling from source to load. This loss of energy is well-known as attenuation the the electromagnetic waves. The attenuation occurs due to buildings, tree"s, hills, rivers etc. Which watch the electromagnetic energy during propagation.

Polarization that Electromagnetic Waves

There are the following types of electromagnetic waves polarization.

Vertical Polarization

If the place of the electrical field is vertical v respect come ground throughout propagation, the is called vertical polarization the electromagnetic waves.

Horizontal Polarization

If the position of the electrical field is horizontal through respect to ground during propagation, it is referred to as horizontal polarization of the electromagnetic waves.

Linear polarization

If the position of electric field is sometimes vertical and also sometimes horizontal v equal intervals and the direction the propagation does not change, that is referred to as linear polarization.

Circular Polarization

If the place of electric field changes continuously throughout propagation of electromagnetic waves and also its intensity continues to be the same, that is is called circular polarization.

Elliptical polarization

If the position and also intensity of electric field transforms continuously throughout propagation, that is referred to as elliptical polarization.

Field position of Electromagnetic Waves

As we recognize that the electrical field and also magnetic field are perpendicular to each other and at the exact same time these areas are perpendicular to the direction that propagation, if we readjust the direction of any field the well an outcome in corresponding change of the various other field. It means that if E-field is vertical, the H-field will be horizontal. Now if we readjust the position of the E-field from upright to horizontal, the place of H0field (magnetic field) will certainly also change from horizontal come vertical. If we readjust the direction of E-field or H-field the direction the propagation will also adjust if we change the direction the E0field and also H-field in ~ the same time the direction that propagation will remain the same.

Velocity of Electromagnetic Waves

Velocity of electromagnetic waves in the air is the exact same as the velocity of light. The is 3 X 108 m/s or 3 X 1010 cm/s.

Separation of areas of E.M Wave

Electrical field and also magnetic are always related to each other and also whenever over there is electric field, the magnetic field will additionally be existing over there.

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Energy that E.M Waves

When the electromagnetic waves space propagated, the energy of this waves is equally distributed in electric field and also magnetic ar throughout the propagation.