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Federal government, OGRA and ministry the petroleum and also others have actually been made respondent in the petition.

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The meeting focused on the sector"s exceptional performance in different elements of petroleum manufacturing throughout the previous years, which led to boosting petroleum exports to the united state by %44, reaching $176.9 million throughout 2019, contrasted to 2018 when it to be $122.9 million, follow to Al-Ahram.
The report detailed that the lot earned indigenous petroleum products sale in January 2019 represented an 8.09 percent decrease from N242.564 billion taped in December 2018.
The department said the the government has enforcement an exploration Licence (EL) as well as a Petroleum Concession covenant (PCA) - signed by Petroleum division Secretary Mian Asad Hayauddin and also Qazi Mohammad Saleem Siddiqui, the director general of Petroleum Concessions, and the CEO that Kuwait international Petroleum Exploration firm (KUFPEC) in ~ a ceremony likewise attended through Minister for Petroleum Omar Ayub Khan.
On the occasion, the petroleum minister claimed that "the execution of PCA and EL will entice foreign investment in the petroleum sector and bridge the demand and supply space in the power sector." Khan additional said the the initiatives will bear fruit in future year in the kind of hydrocarbon reserves.
Earlier, Ghulam Sarwar cannes was heading the Petroleum division but the was eliminated a few days ago after he apparently failed to do according to expectations.
In this regard, K-Petro has actually agreed to aid the NPA with the essential support to boost mechanisms for fostering petroleum quality and distribution in the country.
Exports under Food and also Petroleum group plunged due to decline in exports of sugar (-79% YoY), Petroleum Naphtha (-100% YoY), Petroleum rudely (-62% YoY) and Vegetables (-26% YoY).
Qatar Petroleum and also Occidental Petroleum of Qatar signed the DPSA in 1994 because that the management and also operation of the Idd El Shargi north Dome Field.
The districts of Khyber Pakhtunkha and Balochistan have currently deputed your provincial directors in the DGPC while the nomination native Punjab is tho awaited, stated a letter sent by Secretary Petroleum Mian Asad Hayaud Din to the chef secretaries that Punjab and also Sindh.
ISLAMABAD -- Qatar Petroleum President and CEO Saad Sherida Al Kaabi hosted conclave in Islamabad through Prime Minister Imran cannes on collaboration in the ar of energy.
Phoenix Petroleum infuses P508 M right into 3 subsidiaries !-- -- Danessa Rivera (The Philippine Star) - September 30, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines live independence oil for sure Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc.
ISLAMABAD -- The can be fried Court has summoned the federal minister for Petroleum, Ghulam Sarwar cannes in a case about the imposition of various taxes top top gas and also petroleum assets on Friday.
The petroleum sector recovered after a challenging time following the occasions of the 25 January 2011 revolution.

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