Popular rapper Wiz Khalifa 28, has actually roots in Minot, whereby he was born together Cameron Jibril Thomaz on Sept. 8, 1987, but he phone call his hometown Pittsburgh, Pa.

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According come his bio in ~ Wikipedia, Khalifa’s parents to be in the waiting Force and he flourished up everywhere the world.

By the time he to be a teenager, he to be living in Pennsylvania, where he graduated from high school.

According to his bio in ~ billboard.com, Khalifa began writing songs when he was 9 and also started recording records in his father’s studio in Oklahoma by the time he was 12. Once he was in high school, he tape-recorded at a studio in Pittsburgh. A mixtape dubbed “Prince of the City: Welcome come Pistolvania” came out in 2006 top top Rostrum Records.

Khalifa, his phase name, came from one Arabic name and also “Wiz” is short for “wisdom,” follow to a published interview at www.brothaashproductions.com/WizKhalifaInterview.htm

The laboratory artist’s debut album to be “Say Yeah,” exit in 2006. His 2nd album, “Deal or No Deal,” was released in 2009. The signed with Atlantic documents in 2010. His album “Rolling Papers” to be released in 2011, complied with by the album “Blacc Hollywood"” in 2014. His most recent hit song is “See you Again,” exit in March and also on the soundtrack of the movie “Furious 7.”


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