Using a few steps, find where her coin places on the value chart. An initial is recognize date and also mint combination, next recognize state the condition. 1948 nickel value is narrowed and its demand in the collecting ar is determined.

Vintage Jefferson nickels are popular as one affordable collection. Collectors seek instances with just light wear together a minimum standard. In today"s market, larger premiums are found in the Mint State selection of condition. Ample quantities available offer plenty of examples because that collectors to pick from.

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Steps bring about Value:

Step 1: day Plus Mintmark range - crucial to correctly determine both date and accurate mintmark variety.Step 2: Grading condition - Judging condition is next and important to ar your coin on the value chart.Step 3: Special qualities - Jefferson nickels often display specific qualities that potentially raise or lower value.
1948 Jefferson Nickel ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineMintState
1948 Jefferson Nickel value Up-Dated2021
1948$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $1.23
1948 D$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $2.77
1948 S$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $1.67

Standout qualities are the deciding distinction in finding premium value. After date and mint, quality of the coin, both in surface preservation and eye very nice one is a strong factor. Subtle attributes are frequently what appeals come collectors. Steps below cover the points to judge and also determine the potential of her coin.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark selection Identified

Three varieties of 1948 Jefferson Nickel to Recognize

A bold, deeply contoured portrait of thomas Jefferson is featured on these vintage nickels indigenous the 1940"s. Compared to the later on modified portrait, these extremely contoured coins room distinctly different. Collectors assembling a vintage nickel repertoire seek an instance of the three mint varieties of 1948.

1948-S Jefferson Nickel

"S" Mintmark top top Reverse: mountain Francisco Mint struck the Coin


The san Francisco mint in California to win the fewest nickels of the three mints in 1948. V a total of simply over 11 million these are encountered less generally than others. Ample supplies in relation to collectors outcomes in affordable values for a 1948-S nickel.

A nice older nickel from san Francisco is evidenced by the small "S" mintmark to the appropriate of Monticello. Watch on the reverse close to the rim to uncover the mintmark.

1948-D Jefferson Nickel

"D" Mintmark top top Reverse: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Denver produced a substantial number of nickels. End 44 million 1948 nickels attribute the "D" mintmark top top the reverse. Ample numbers minted with numerous remaining allow collectors to choose high problem examples to include to collections.

Denver mint put a "D" mintmark ~ above the reverse. To the best of Monticello, a little "D" in the area beside the rim is a Denver produced coin.

1948 Jefferson Nickel

No Mintmark on Reverse: Philadelphia Mint struck the Coin


Most 1948 nickels were produced at the main mint in Philadelphia. Leading v over 89 million, the majority of enduring 1948 nickels room from Philadelphia. Countless are easily accessible in all problems helping to save premiums affordable to every collectors.

Confirm her coin is the Philadelphia range by the lack of a mintmark on the reverse. In 1948 Philadelphia walk not use a mark to identify its coinage. To the best of Monticello and next come the rim, if the area is empty, Philadelphia struck the coin.

Step 2: | Judge condition to recognize Grade

Grading Narrows 1948 Jefferson Nickel Value

An in its entirety view of her coin begins the grading process. An appealing coin; because that example, one lacking big marks or scrapes, is conveniently recognized. Subtle factors concerning presence of wear space then judged to arrive at an exact value. City hall under a magnifying glass is frequently done through collectors to assist detect important facets confirming a grade.

Beginning through a Mint State instance highlights the complete design, wear resulting in absent design is use to gage lower problem nickels.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: A strict definition of Mint State grade is no wear come the coin. This is determined by mint luster continuing to be on the high clues of the design. Luster is delicate and when worn is changed with a dull grey shine.

Jefferson"s hair line bordering the forehead is conveniently worn in circulation. Check the elevated area that hair to confirm luster is present. Further back towards the center is likewise a high point. Luster and also its sparkle are similar overall with fine hair strands visible. Tilt the coin under irradiate to help see the luster and also any traces the wear.

Extremely Fine: notice on the worn example the little areas of wear both removing luster and tiny amounts that metal. Irradiate wear top top high points just is a nickel in incredibly Fine grade. As whole a comprehensive appearance helps define the condition.

Hair start at the forehead is bold and also well defined. Tiny strands are visibility worn with only a tiny amount of metal loss. Flattened locations are simply at the very top that contours. From the peak of Jefferson"s head to ear is start to display smoothness and also a color adjust to the metal.

A bold extremely profiled face and also coat give the coin a pleasing appearance.

Low Circulated Condition: This grouping of coins stand for low problem circulated examples generally found. Ample gives of the high quality are limiting any premium collector value.

A distinctive feature is the smooth area that hair transparent the center of the portrait. Missing are fine strands of hair detail and a bold, unique line in ~ the forehead. Flatness appears at the shoulder helping specify the condition.

Both sides of the coin display screen noticeable wear. Central columns come Monticello room faded and also only contempt visible.

How to Video: Grading Jefferson Nickels

Added images and also descriptions further define the condition and also collectability/demand the Jefferson nickels.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Jefferson Nickels

Step 3: | Special characteristics Enhancing Value

Recognize Collectible quality from low Appeal Jefferson Nickels

Verification and certainty is critical part that collecting coins. Collectors urge on identifying the precise date, mintmark and also authenticity when including coins to a collection. Any type of unclear facet causes a specific amount of concern. Greatly worn coins through faded dates that are hard to distinguish, is one example, leading to lower demand. Suspicion of cleaning or enhancing the surface ar is one more area collector"s default come caution. Once in doubt a collector stays clear of these "uncertain" coins.

Many trouble coins are quickly identified because of recognizable traits. Huge marks or countless marks to the surface ar is quickly noticed. The coin in the photo shows the reverse with an abundance of marks coming to be distractive.

Corrosion, often the result of not correct storage, has actually rendered the 1959 nickel dark and also unappealing to a collector. If left unchecked, a corroded surface become pitted, an actual lose of metal.

A small area is reflecting a problem and also lowering the worth of the 3rd example. Looking very closely at the reverse, in the area reserved for the mintmark, a clues of verdigris is found. Reaction through the copper in the alloy is creating a green coating - verdigris. This double problem that obscuring the mintmark and damage the the surface ar lowers the coin below collectability status.

When city hall coins, those with natural, attractive surface are feasible premium examples.


U.S. Mint. 1949 U.S. Mint annual Report

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