I have a 2004 GT v a serious dead battery. I went to remove it and found that it is organized down by a black metal bar throughout the length of the battery. Try as I might I cant find a way to remove it. Looking online people have advised to take turn off the air filter yet my battery is already plainly visible. Ns am certain I to be just lacking something stupid, any kind of advice?Thanks, Chimp

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30 Mar 2010, 08:45 pm


Re: removing the battery organize down?
For your viewing pleasure this evening we have a thriller of a video starring a PT battery. Video - how to replace the battery
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In that video the waiting filter covers the battery. In my 04 GT the battery is clearly visible v a hefty black metal bar holding that down.
In that video the air filter consist of the battery. In mine 04 GT the battery is clearly visible through a hefty black metal bar holding that down.
How execute you adjust a battery ~ above a 2004 Pt Cruiser 2.4 liter turbo?AIR CLEANER HOUSINGREMOVALView full Image 1. Disconnect the wait inlet hose (Fig. 16). 2. Traction air cleaner real estate straight up to remove. 3. Remove the inlet duct indigenous the waiting cleaner housing.INSTALLATIONThe wait cleaner housing attaches to the inside fender in prior of the driver"s next strut tower (Fig. 16). One ambient air duct offers underhood air for the engine. The attaches to the lower air cleaner box.Make certain that the rubber grommets, because that the reduced pins, are in place when reinstalling the waiting cleaner housing. The rubber grommet for the PDC bracket should be installed likewise (Fig. 16). 1. Make certain ignition move is in turn off position and also all accessories space OFF. 2. Open up hood. 3. Eliminate the air cleaner housing. 4. Disconnect and also isolate the battery an unfavorable cable then the hopeful cable.Fig. 8 Battery Remove/Install - gasoline Engine OnlyView full Image 1. Loosen bolt and retainer that holds the battery down to the tray (Fig. 8). 2. Elevator battery out of battery tray and remove native vehicle. 3. Remove thermal guard from battery.INSTALLATIONWhen instead of battery, the heat guard should be transferred to the brand-new battery. 1. Download battery in vehicle making certain that the heat guard is present and also battery is properly positioned on battery tray 2. Download battery hold down clamp, making certain that it is correctly positioned on battery. 3. Download battery cables top top battery posts. Install battery optimistic cable first. 4. Tighten clamp nuts securely. 5. Install air cleaner housing. 6. Close hood. 7. Verify operation of vehicle and systems.How do you readjust a battery ~ above a 2004 Pt Cruiser... - JustAnswer

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